Hi, I’m Emmeline 🙂  This is my blog about mostly running, but also a whole lot of food and    probably too many photos of puppies for the average person (which is insane…who doesn’t love puppies?).


Ooooh, glamorous.  Except normally I’m stuffing my face like this:



What else do you need to know?  I have 2 fur babies, they’re 2 and 7 but I’ll show you baby    photos because those are better.

baby2 2011-12-21_09-34-14_235

The one on the left is the boy and the one on the right is the girl.


I’m a PhD student at a super gorgeous university


and it’s kind of like going to Hogwarts sometimes but doing a PhD is amazing and exactly what I’ve wanted for the last 15 or so years, even if it’s a lot of work (apologies in advance for what are sure to be many complaints about the amount of research I’m doing).


I’m a former regular runner and I was gaining some speediness when I suffered two back to back injuries.  Combine that with doing my master’s degree, getting married, and applying to and starting my PhD program and it’s been years since I’ve been out there running and frankly, that makes me sad.  So I’m starting this blog to document my progress as I start training again!  The big picture goal for 2014?  A half marathon in under 1:30.  I have a million other little goals and I’ll be assessing them as I go, but most importantly…I’m going to be out there training at least 5 days a week and getting running back into my life!


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