And so it begins…

Today was day 1 of my new 12 week half-marathon training plan.  You’re excited for me, right?  Right.

5 miles done.  Came home to stretch while consuming a delicious protein shake. image

And that’s a nosy puppy face interrupting the picture.  Coconut peanut butter and mocha      protein.  Yum.

I vacillate wildly when it comes to the healthfulness of my eating.  Case in point: yesterday vs     today.

photo(44) photo(47)

Yesterday I had a blue cheese and bacon grilled cheese for lunch and an entire large pizza for dinner.  Yup, alone.  And those things on top?  Onion rings.  Seriously, try it.  Life changing.

Today, I had that protein shake post-run (oatmeal for breakfast every.single.morning so no point discussing that) but then this glorious bit of healthy:

photo(43) photo(46)

Kale chips snack (that’s a whole head of kale, my bowl is deceptive) and for dinner, lamb steak, sweet potato, and brussels sprouts with onion and bacon.  Okay, so the bacon isn’t the     healthiest but whatever, you get my point.

Whenever I have a day with this many veggies I want to give myself a trophy.  I clearly need work incorporating veggies into my diet.


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