Well that was quick.

Unplanned interruption on DAY FREAKING TWO.  Woke up sick.  Two days ago I was lightheaded all day, to the point where I pretty much did nothing but lie down all day.  Yesterday I was fine in the morning (so went for my day 1 training run!) but the lightheadedness came back later in the day and got crazy bad.  I crashed early and felt like crap.  Woke up this morning with sore throat and stuffy sinuses (probably where the lightheadedness is coming from).  I considered going to do the run anyway (symptoms all above the neck), but the lightheaded thing I figured wasn’t too safe and there is a scheduled rest day Saturday, so I’m just going to switch today’s workout and Saturday’s.

So today consisted of breakfast then entertaining my rambunctious puppy:


That’s her flinging a dinosaur around so fast it can’t be caught on camera.

And then I napped.

Then soup for lunch:


You don’t know what you’re missing.  And nothing is complete without an added couple tablespoons of sriracha.  That cures a cold, right?

And then I napped again.  I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t force the workout because my body was clearly telling me it needed to recover.

Now Joe is out getting me more soup for dinner.  Soup, more green tea, and some ice cream is the plan for the rest of the day.  Let’s just hope the dizzy stuff is gone tomorrow.  By the way, this is how the little girl reacts every single time her daddy leaves the house:


Do you take a day off when you feel really sick or do you try to power through if you have a race coming up?


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