Another sick day

Still sick.  Much less dizziness, still very sore throat.  Thought about going running so I don’t miss one of the five training days scheduled for the week but seeing as how I feel 50% better than yesterday, I decided it makes the most sense to give myself that one more day and hopefully spend the rest of the week and beyond at 100% rather than force it and feel a little off for the next week. 

Breakfast, nap time (so weird, I NEVER nap but my body is seriously trying to reject this illness), more soup.  It’s 2pm and I’ve had breakfast, 4 cups of green tea, and a huge bowl of soup…I’m nailing this whole fluids thing. 


When I’m sick I get cuddles from this guy.  It’s a big deal, because he’s pretty anti-affection 99% of the time. 


And when I finish my pint of ice cream (a sore throat necessity, clearly) this little girl loves to help me make sure the inside is all clean and ready for the recycling bin



The rest of the day is probably more soup, more tea, more rest, and catching up on Top Chef. 

Oh, and these are the nails of the week (I’m big on painting my nails every week…you’ll see)Image


So ready to run tomorrow.


Do you get antsy to run when you’re sick or do you enjoy the downtime?

Do you do any beauty rituals like nail painting?


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