Fridays are for Pizza

Still getting over being sick 😦  I am the absolute worst at being sick but I just hate feeling so weak and tired, not to mention missing runs or other things I want to get done.  Short speedwork to get me back into the swing of things, warm up and cool down plus 8×400…all on the treadmill because I’m trying to limit my exposure to the elements until I’m at 100%.


Puffy and makeupless but getting good puppy cuddles.  They’re so good when you’re not feeling well.


Then loaded fries and pizza for dinner.  Fries had pulled pork, bacon, cheddar, and barbecue sauce-YUM! 



Growing up, we had pizza every single Friday night.  It’s just a thing my dad does–and he still does it!–so I always associate Fridays and pizza even though Joe and I don’t eat it every Friday or even every week. 


What was your workout today?

Do you have any silly food rituals like pizza fridays?


2 thoughts on “Fridays are for Pizza

  1. Baaaaaaaby monkey and mommy. Feel better missy! I want to hear how this running goes. Maybe I will just have to join you on your mission…I said maaaaaaaaybe Maybe is what i said!. 🙂 That pizza is insane.

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