When easy runs aren’t easy

Today was a short tempo (only 4 miles) so I’ve been looking ahead to it on the schedule as one of those workouts that isn’t “easy” to do because of the tempo pace, but also doesn’t take too much out of you.  I always find these to be fun and yes, on the easier end of the spectrum than intervals or those back to back long run days.  Then today I learned that no run is particularly easy when you can’t breathe with your nose and swallowing feels like you’re drinking tiny knives.  Blech.  

Ooo look at all those veggies!
Veggies became a frittata 🙂
And hubby made me brownies to make me feel better but I have no pictures because I literally ate one brownie and the next time I went in the kitchen, the whole pan was gone.  He ate every last one. 
And totally off topic but I get bored with my hair very easily.  I’ve been frustrated with it being so long for like 3 years now but I know I’ll hate it if I cut it off.  I dyed it from blonde to dark brown in October to try to beat the frustration but it’s not enough.  Maybe if I get bangs?  I just saw this pic of Julianne Hough (who had the cutest short hair ever) and kind of want to steal these bangs…thoughts?
How often do you switch up your hair?

2 thoughts on “When easy runs aren’t easy

  1. I love bangs but could never pull them off. I only switch up my hair color, never the length. My hair is naturally curly and I must have length to it to avoid a poodle look-alike situation. I lovingly refer to my color as my summer hair and winter hair (darker and lighter shades of brown).

    • I love your dark hair! I have naturally wavy hair which is why the bangs scare me…I’m just so desperate for change! I keep my hair super long or the same reasons though…waves plus Virginia humidity=poodle if my thick hair goes under shoulder length.

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