Rutabaga Sunday

8 miles on the treadmill because I’m still boycotting the rainy weather that got me sick in the first place.  Came home to bake bread, which I started doing last year and now I’m too spoiled for store bought loaves.

Whole wheat dough never looks super appetizing.
About to pop in the oven.
And when it came out I enjoyed a slice dunked in my big mug of lobster bisque for lunch.


Then I watched my favorite soccer team, Liverpool, absolutely destroy Tottenham 5-0 🙂  Tried to take a photo of the score on my phone but the tv brightness just blew out the image.  You’ll just have to trust how glorious it was.


For dinner, another attempt to get more veggies in my diet.  Roasted rutabaga casserole!

We watched Elysium last night (and didn’t love it) so maybe a comedy for movie night tonight.  Anybody have any good movie recommendations?


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