Monday Mornings

I haven’t actually seen that show but I know it was about doctors and since that’s where I spent my Monday morning, it seemed appropriate.  Monday was a cross-training day but my only cross training was going to and from the doctor where I finally went to see about this sick thing that just won’t go away.  Turns out I have a chest infection and the swelling has caused my      airways to close…no wonder it feels like I was breathing knives!  I have an inhaler now but she said it might take 2 more weeks to feel back to 100%.  These next several runs are not going to be great but it’s just about getting the miles in and keeping the pace comfortable and not      straining and making the infection last even longer. 


Bought doughnuts on the way home.  This was 5 minutes after getting them in the door and 1/3 of them are gone.  Yes, we finished all 12 in less than 24 hours, who are you kidding?  Joe and I are doughnut champions. 


Lunch was delicious, a salt and pepper baguette chunk with blue cheese and prosciutto.  For dinner, we brought home more soup.  I am 90% green tea and soup these days. 

And since I had nothing better to do but lay around sick all day, we watched kid movies: Turbo and Rise of the Guardians.  I think I’ve seen more movies in the last week than I have in the last 6 months.  Turbo was very cute 🙂  I should find out if my nephews saw it and liked it, I remember taking nephew#2 to his first movie (Cars) but now that they’re 10 and almost 8, they like superhero movies more than cartoons. 



She’s so helpful.  When I’m in need of a nap, she naps with me and when Joe needs a reading buddy, she’s happy to oblige. 


Which day of the week is your rest day? (if you have one!)

What’s your favorite kid movie?


2 thoughts on “Monday Mornings

  1. I always try to plan rest days on workdays, because they wear me out.

    My favorite kid movie is probably Finding Nemo. I just love Dori so much, and I cannot watch the movie and not giggle throughout the entire thing.

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