Let’s Talk Shoes!

6 miles, unstructured fartlek.  I just speed up whenever I feel like it (every 3 or 4 minutes-ish) for about a minute.  Usually once per song on my ipod is how it works out and it’s kind of           wonderful to do it that way instead of keeping an eye on watches for rest intervals, etc.  This was my favorite kind of run when I first started and I was bored with easy runs today so I did it on a whim and it felt wonderful.  Including more of these in my weekly schedule for sure. 


The beginnings of my favorite lunch!


But…let’s talk shoes.  My current rotation:


The ones in the middle have been my go-to since they were introduced, the Brooks Pure Cadence.  Yes, the original model.  I may or may not have turned into a hoarder and bought 6 pairs (2 black, 2 pink, 2 blue) when I heard they were introducing the Pure Cadence 2.  I don’t like change.  Anyway, obsessed and love them to death. 


I’ve taken the last 2 years pretty much off completely from running, with only the occasional run before this summer thanks to some monumentally busy schedules and 2 back to back injuries after my marathons.  But here I was this summer getting back into things but in that time, I had moved. I went from running on groomed trails and dirt paths and the occasional asphalt to    concrete runs in a hilly new town.  I developed Achilles issues from the hills so I got a pair of 8mm drop Saucony Omni 11s.  Achilles problems disappeared instantly so these were my new ride. 


But…I missed my lower drops and all these weird niggles were forming, including the most bizarre stabbing pain right in the spot beneath my 3rd and 4th toes.  Lots of sketchy internet    research revealed it could be the beginnings of a Morton’s Neuroma and advised getting the heck out of your shoes and into MUCH more flexible, much wider shoes.  So experiment time…took time off, then went for a run in the Brooks again.  No foot pain.  But after a few days, a bit of Achilles stiffness.  Okay, so not an everyday shoe in my new running environment.  Back to the Omnis…instant foot pain.  WEIRD. 


So I’m rarely running at this point, which sucks.  I went to Ireland to visit a friend (hi Claire!).  Here are gratuitous photos of what we did for pretty much the entire weekend:



So Claire and I are walking around Dublin and my foot is now hurting just WALKING, never    happened before.  More sketchy internet advice tells me some people got better running in   Newtons or Skechers.  I’ve had Newtons and LOVED them, but I know the lugs well and they would hit exactly where the foot pain is so I decide against trying those for the moment.  We’re strolling past a Skechers store with running shoes in the window and I mention the forum posts I’ve seen but keep walking.  Luckily for me, Claire forces me to go in and try them on because I was being a ridiculous shoe snob.  I’ve only ever associated Skechers with those weird roller skate sneaker hybrids, I’ve never owned a pair and I’ve never thought of them as “serious”       running shoes.  But I literally put my foot in and despite the TOTALLY DIFFERENT feel of the shoes, I could just tell they were my best shot.  I went on a cautious 3 mile run the next day and zero foot pain.  5 miles the next day, zero foot pain.  Thanks to Skechers, I’m running again.


Because I feel no foot pain in my Pure Cadence either, I still love them and use them and now the Brooks and Skechers are in rotation.  Brooks I always use on the treadmill, and outdoors for longer runs (Skechers have no stability so the touch of stability in Pure Cadence is helpful on my long runs) and Skechers for all the short runs on the concrete. 


If you are having any pain at all…keep looking until you find a shoe that works for you! I’m a firm believer that there is definitely one out there for everyone that will let you run reasonably pain-free, you just may have to look a little harder than others if your perfect shoe is from a lesser-known brand.  There are some seriously great niche brands out there, not to mention my new respect for Skechers 🙂 


Do you rotate your running shoes?

What is your favorite shoe right now?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Shoes!

  1. I never rotate my running shoes. I have found my one true love in the Mizuno Wave Riders, so I always wear them to run. However, I just won a pair of Skora Phase’s and am excited to try them out for shorter runs.

    • I’ve heard such good things about the wave riders! They fit my arch strangely (all Mizunos do sadly) but literally everyone I know who has them just worships them. Yay for winning new shoes though! Let me know how you like ’em 🙂

  2. I’ve yet to try out the Mizuno Wave Riders…the love of my life are the Mizuno Wave Inspires. I’m currently running in the Wave Creations at the moment, but my heart truly belongs to the InSpires. I asked for a new pair for Christmas – keep your fingers crossed fort me that I get then!

  3. First visit to running shoe store today:-) As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a serious runner, or much of a runner at all…but thinking about taking it up. My first step….getting properly fitted. Running aside, I’m so glad I did this–a week or so ago, I started having pain in my arches, which really started to concern me–did not want to mess around with picking out shoes by myself anymore. Very helpful guy got me on a treadmill and watched my feet as I ran–I learned that I had a tendency to turn or roll (don’t remember exactly what he said) my feet in as I ran, which is apparently quite common. Anyways–he brought out three different pairs, suggesting I definitely needed a more supportive shoe: Saucony Omni 12’s, Brooks, and Asics. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Asics..I don’t know why…they were comfy, but made me feel frumpy (maybe I’m just crazy…) 🙂 Anyways, the Brooks and the Saucony were insanely comfortable–it took me a while to decide between the two. I ended up going with the Saucony’s but now I feel like I should’ve gone with the Brooks after reading all these comments posted and Emmeline’s hoarding tendencies with this brand, only because I know she’s been running for a long time and so I very much value her opinion on this type of a thing…. Maybe once I start running I’ll know if I should switch–so weird you all mention that you wear different shoes for shorter or longer runs–so much to learn.

    That pic of toast with honey, avocado and egg looked so good I almost made it this morning—I woke up thinking about it… but suddenly…a chocolate chip cookie…ya I ate a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast this morning, it happened.

    The other day you were writing about movies…I duno….American Hustle could have some potential….has a lot of good people in it. I duno, it could go either way.. Okay, that’s all I got. TOMORROW I WILLLLLLLL eat that avocado eggy toast! We shall see if its as delicious as you claim it to be—baking your own bread…who exactly do you think you are? Love to the puppy faces and Joseph!

    • Cookies for breakfast are always a good idea 😉 not always good for your running but good for the soul!

      Sounds like you overpronate and I do too slightly, it’s super common! Don’t let my love for Brooks affect your Omni love, you have to go with what feels best for you at that time and it sounds like those are the Omnis! I picked them because they felt like a big comfy couch for my feet at a time when my legs really needed babying so if you’ve been having foot pain, I bet you’re just going to love them! So excited for you to start running 🙂

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