Running in the City

It’s SUNNY today! And (reasonably) warm! Easy 6 miles with an excuse to take my run           “downtown” to see pretty buildings in something other than rain for a change.



And because it’s basically my duty to show you that I do in fact live up to my blog name, this was my dinner last night:


This was in the uncooked phase obviously but a flatbread pizza with pesto, balsamic, blue cheese, kalamata olives, and prosciutto.  I could eat it every day and I’m not exaggerating.  But I could eat pizza every day in general, pretty much any kind.  Is there bad pizza?       

Rhetorical question; don’t answer that, you’ll ruin my illusion. 


So, Joe and I are not going home for Christmas this year and it will be our first year away from Virginia for Christmas.  I’ve had 3 Thanksgivings away but never Christmas.  Luckily, my parents are making the 6 hour flight to come out here and visit.  It’s probably 40% to see us and 60% to see the pups but hey, at least I get to benefit from it.  I’m so excited to show them around (they’ve never been here!) and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with family.  They are             extremely excited to see the babies and are basically the best grandparents ever so of course they planned to spoil them rotten with gifts of toys and treats.  BUT, they didn’t think they could fit the bounty in their suitcases so they shipped it ahead and we had 4 bags full of dog stuff that arrived earlier this week.  I think the dogs will have to get them #1 grandparent mugs or      something to show them their appreciation.  We hid the toys so my parents could give them to them on Christmas, but today they got one tiny treat from the bags to get into the Christmas spirit.  They loved it so much the treat was gone 5 minutes later. 



Spoiled puppies opened an early Christmas present, how about you?  Are you opening any of your gifts early this year?


5 thoughts on “Running in the City

  1. Hi, just found your blog! Pizza & running are a great combination. There is a pizza my friend introduced me to, called the Hot Hawaiian. It’s from Mackenzie River Pizza which is a chain but I’m not sure how widespread. It has smoky & sweet barbecue sauce, fajita chicken, and pineapple, and bacon if you want it. SO GOOD and I’m not a bbq fan.
    And seriously, you ran a 10k under 35 minutes? Wow, that is an incredible time.
    I’ve been a runner for decades and used to run races but now just run on trails for enjoyment.

    • So glad you found me! That pizza sounds AMAZING, pineapple is one of my favorite pizza toppings and I love BBQ sauce with it 🙂 and trail running is the best! I wish I lived near one in my new town because I miss it but that’s great that you get to run on them all the time!

  2. I love that your pups got a Christmas present! This is the first year we didn’t get our dogs anything from Santa. Normally they get a stocking full. I guess that means they are no longer puppies and officially old dogs 🙂

    • How old are all of yours? I love that you have 4! Everyone thinks I’m nuts but when I finish my phd we are getting 2 more 🙂 The oldest one will be thrilled I’m sure, he still is a little miffed that after 5 years as an “only,” he was forced to incorporate a sister into his life.

      • Our dachshunds and male german shepherd are 4 and our female shepherd is 3. I think you have to be a little crazy to have 4 dogs, but I love them all and they love each other. They are tons of fun.

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