All the bad food in the world

Some easy miles this morning, only 4 because I had to get home and get errands done.  DYING to do some speedwork and/or a much longer run and my chest infection is feeling much better so I might venture out and try both of those things (not at once, duh) this week and see how that goes.  Hopefully I’m all better now. 


So last night I had pizza again, because that’s what I do.  But don’t worry, I branched out and got something new. 


Pulled pork, cilantro, blue cheese, and onion rings (because there MUST be onion rings)


Then we went to this glorious place:


Which means I had this for lunch today:


Obviously.  Please ignore the my makeupless face and sweats.  That’s how we do last minute trips to Costco. 


We are getting ready for my parents to come visit us for a week (they get here in the morning!!) so we have been doing dishes and such and trying to avoid messing the house up so while we were at Costco we picked up a little something for dinner tonight too. 



And because no one can pass up something that looks as good as this, we also brought home a 4lb cookie dough cheesecake.



I’m sure our waistlines need that…


I promise I’m going back to eating healthier soon!  Well, the pizza won’t stop, but I won’t be     eating like a 5 year old child every single day once the holidays are over.  I think…


2 thoughts on “All the bad food in the world

  1. All of that food looks absolutely delish! As a fellow pizza lover, I am quite intrigued by that type of pizza. It sounds ahhh-mazing! I have also been having a hard time eating healthy during the holidays. I finally just shrugged it off and said, “oh well, I’ll just keep running, and make sure I start eating healthier in the New Year.” I won’t even step on a scale until then!

    • Yes, no scales here for a while! It’s so hard because we have visiting family and a short vacation coming up but we just need to enjoy ourselves and keep running, as you said, and be conscious about being healthier when the holidays pass 🙂

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