It’s a pain in my tummy

My parents came today and we had to be available to go pick them up anytime so I didn’t get much of a run in today 😦 Only a quick 2 miles out the front door, which ended up being for the best because I was awakened by stabbing stomach pain that lasted through mid afternoon, I think maybe a mild case of food poisoning because it hurt so bad I couldn’t move out of the    fetal position all morning.  I barely gutted it through the twenty minutes it took me to hobble around my neighborhood.  Maybe I should rethink that whole living off pizza and enchiladas and cake thing I did yesterday.

Gloomy day but somehow that looks okay on some of the old buildings downtown, which is where my parents are staying with no room in our tiny townhouse.
Oh, and I did these last night for the holidays:

Ignore how messy they look, I did them in the dark.  I thought the flakes would look more gold but oh well, still festive.

Liverpool won again today so I’m in a fantastic mood despite the tummy pain.  Now let’s hope pain-free tomorrow because the preliminary plan is speedwork (*evil laugh*)
Over on Carson’s blog, she brought up a great point about the subjectivity of calling things “easy runs” and basically people feeling like others may be “run-shaming” even if they don’t intend to.  There are tons of people out there who I think DO intend to, every runner is competition to them.  But then there are so many fabulous runners, even pros, who would be the first to tell you that just getting out the door is amazing, whether it’s 5:00/mi or 12:00/mi.  It got me     thinking about myself, because I’ve had easy runs at 6:30 pace in the past and now consider an easy run to be 9:30 ish pace.  Starting over is humbling to say the least and it’s hard not to be      competitive with myself but I’ve never felt that with someone who tells me they run, instead I just feel an instant kinship, like we are all part of a special club.  I’m happy for you when you run well and happy for you for merely running, even if I beat myself up over a crappy run.
Never be ashamed of your running, no matter how slow! Share a running accomplishment you had this week 🙂 
Are you competitive with yourself like me?

3 thoughts on “It’s a pain in my tummy

  1. Ugh yes the “easy run.” I’ve used this term all too many times, mostly when I was running for my team because there was a big difference between speed workouts and regular runs, but now, I just run. I don’t call it easy or hard or medium or anything like that. I don’t wear a watch 80% of the time. I just go based on what my body feels like doing. Sometimes that’s faster than others! I don’t think pace is indicative of how difficult a run is because like you said, every day is going to feel different!

    • I love that you don’t wear a watch! I’m trying to do that on at least 2 runs a week so I can stop being overly competitive with myself, it’s ok to work hard on hard days and pace yourself but I shouldn’t get worked up about what is supposed to be an easy run and just enjoyable mileage. New rule is no watches on non-speedwork days for a while!

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