Definitely the Holiday Season!

Woke up today and it was BEAUTIFUL out so of course I had to take advantage and do an interval workout at the track.  Hardest I’ve done in years but still so fantastic.  Ran 12×400 nearly all-out, I could barely hold on the final 5 seconds of each one.  Now that it’s several hours later though, I can say it was wonderful and a great workout but during I definitely felt like                 dying/quitting on more than one occasion.  So proud I stuck it out.  Capped it all off with a Picky Bar, which I just got for Christmas and they’re really delicious (of which I was skeptical due to the whole gluten-free thing). 


And it’s definitely feeling like the holidays because my parents are in town and we went for a fabulous and festive dinner at one of the best restaurants in town.


I had this yummy fish.


Hubby had super tender venison.


Had to re-paint my dumb nails because they chipped off after my shower.  They are that “liquid sand” finish and it feels very snowflake-y (technical term, I know).


Oh, and here’s a snapshot of a conversation I had last night with one of my favorite people, my friend Katie, in which she and her dog mock me. 



That last bit is a tiny bit embarrassing but then Joe said he thought the exact same thing.  If you haven’t heard Michael McIntyre do comedy, go find some because the guy is HILARIOUS and we were watching some last night and he mocked Christmas music and said something about    “George” and that song.  I look it up, and lo and behold, it’s not a chick singing like I always thought.  The reference to Wham! Katie is making is because I rather embarrassingly had the Wham! album as a child and knew all the songs and absolutely LOVED them.  And somehow I still thought this was a girl.  I feel like I’ll like it more now though haha.


Any embarrassing song mishaps where you thought it was one artist (or gender!) and it was by another?

Have you had any holiday dinners yet or do you plan to do anything before Christmas itself?



3 thoughts on “Definitely the Holiday Season!

  1. Way to stick out the tough run! Not necessarily a holiday dinner, but today I ate at least 10 pieces of fudge while working a 12 hour shift at the hospital. This is not an exaggeration, and it will be there again mocking me tomorrow for another 12 hour shift. The holidays are so cruel, sometimes.

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