Tourist in my own town

Woke up to an absolute torrential downpour and 40-50mph winds.  Gym is closed for the      holidays+renovations so no indoor option and with no desire to run in that kind of ridiculous wind, today became my rest day.  I’m secretly excited to run on Christmas instead of taking that as my off day so it’s all going to work out fine 🙂


Today was the day my parents wanted me to show them around our new city and it was fun in theory since I have done NOTHING touristy in the year and a half we’ve lived here, but the weather didn’t let up all day, which is nuts because we were told 10% chance of rain today so we thought it was a safe bet that it would clear up…wrong!  Very cold, very wet, and very windy but still got some touring done!


And in extra special news, two years ago we drove 9 hours each way to pick up our sweet little girl pup from a rescue shelter.  We had seen her picture and she’s the same (rather uncommon) breed as our boy and as soon as we saw her we just knew she’d be perfect for the younger     “sibling” we had always wanted to get him.  In honor of 2 years since we brought her home, here’s a picture of her as a baby in the sweater we had to buy her because she weighed 8 pounds and was FREEZING and shaking in the December weather:


Obviously the cutest puppy ever 🙂  She’s much bigger now but still just as rambunctious as she was then.


What did you do today for Christmas Eve eve?

Ever play tourist in your own town?


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