A cozy little Christmas

Christmas Eve started with 7 miles nice and easy in some beautiful sunshine.  My parents came over in the afternoon and my mom fixed up Stevie’s favorite toy for her (we took it away a few months ago when she ripped it and tried to eat the stuffing).  To say she was excited is an       understatement…she carried it around everywhere and would only play with that toy all day.


I almost always have to share the couch with her but now I have to share with the giraffe too. 

Slider just enjoyed the pretty weather and sat in the sun most of the day.



Christmas morning I only managed 3 miles before coming back and setting things up for the food and presents. 

I got the watch I wanted SO badly!



And you know you’re a runner when you get crazy excited for socks and everyone looks at you like you’re nuts.


And we obviously set up a whole Christmas for the dogs complete with stockings, toys, treats, and dog candy canes.


They loved it.  Little one got a toy as big as she is and spent the first few hours terrified of it.  Big one devoured all of his treats in a few bites.  They had the best day ever.

And Joe and I got this amazing gift from my parents that we are using this weekend…want to guess?  Here’s a hint:




So excited 🙂  I’ll do mobile posting from our little trip this weekend and we’ll see how that goes!  Today we’re spending the rest of the day with family and watching football.  

Hope you all had a lovely holiday and that you runners got all the socks and running gear your little hearts desired!


What was your favorite gift this year?

Want to take a guess where we’re heading or what we will do there?



2 thoughts on “A cozy little Christmas

  1. I also got a lovely new pair of Pro Compression socks 🙂

    My favorite gift was the lululemon gift card my husband got for me. I rarely indulge in expensive running clothes, but I was able to go to the store and buy a few full priced items that I love. It was a nice treat.

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