Hello from Switzerland!

Apologies in advance if the formatting for this is crazy, it’s my first time trying to blog from a mobile device.  But anyway, hello from Switzerland!  Because my parents are awesome, they gave us the gift of housesitting/dogsitting and sending us to Switzerland for a few days!

Going to limit my words for the rest of the post but here are a few things we did yesterday:

Walked all around town then ate lunch overlooking the river


Walked around more, took a nap at the hotel, then went for dinner




After some fondue and chocolate mousse we went to see the town at night



Sorry for the quality of the phone pics, I’ll try to get better ones up tomorrow!

Did you go anywhere for the holidays?

Where is your favorite spot to vacation?



7 thoughts on “Hello from Switzerland!

      • I thought that was Zurich! I recognized it right away because of the river. But I honestly can’t remember where I stayed, where I ate or anything, because it was 15 years ago and I was soooo tired. The only thing I can remember is the river, going to some restaurant and having mushroom soup, and trying to find a Versus store with my friend. We were only there for two days because it was a 10-day trip and we went to Germany and Austria too.

    • Oh that’s exciting! You probably already know more about the city than I do but if you want to know where we ate or anything let me know, I’d highly recommend those restaurants to anyone they were so delicious 🙂

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