Another day in Switzerland

Woke up and had an amazing 8 mile run right next to Lake Zurich on a gorgeous 45 degree morning.  I could get used to running to this view:


Those are my fingers in the corners…it’s harder than you think to run and take photos at the same time.


We had lunch at a gorgeous little cafe all decorated for the holidays


The hot chocolate was literally just melted Swiss chocolate.  Insane.


Then we went to do this game and took the tram 20 minutes to a different part of town



You get locked in a room in the dark and have an hour to try to figure out how to get yourself out with hidden keys and secret codes and the like.  It was just Joe and I and would have been even more fun in a big group but it was neat to try to figure out how to get past all the locks and weird codes.


We did dinner at a place that specializes in local Swiss dishes


And I had a steak tartare as big as my head


Joe’s appetizer was a blue marlin carpaccio which was super different.  He had a giant mess of delicious meat and potatoes which is a Zurich specialty for dinner.  The picture isn’t very pretty so here’s his appetizer instead:



And of course, more mousse for dessert because when in Rome…or Zurich, as the case may be…



I really need to move that lake to my house.  I don’t have anywhere that peaceful and beautiful to run so it was such an amazing treat to be able to do it on vacation.  Best 8 miles in a long time. 



What was the best thing you ate this week?

Favorite vacation run?


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