Another day in Zurich

Got to do a 5 mile fartlek run at my new favorite lake and it was gorgeous


It was outstanding and the sky was all crazy but the weather was perfect so pretty much the best ever.


I’m just going to do the rest with blurbs and photos because this pretty city will speak for itself 🙂 


City views on the river


City view from the top of a hill



Beautiful church



Same church in the morning fog from the hill



View from the top of the church tower!



Morning view from the top of the city (complete with crazy clouds and light)



Me walking by the lake in afternoon sun (and yes, I did stick my hand in the lake to see how cold it was…obviously)




I always climb up towers/churches/mountains when I travel to try and get better vantage points for photos…but I’m not the biggest fan of heights.  In Croatia this summer I massively chickened out halfway up a tower because I just couldn’t handle the rickety metal stairs.         Thankfully, everything in Zurich has felt very stable so I’ve been a little more adventurous 😉


Favorite time of day to run given all-day freedom?

Any slight (or severe!) phobias?




12 thoughts on “Another day in Zurich

    • Haha you have no idea how tempted I’ve been to get pizza here but I’ve been good about sticking to more of the swiss specialties instead! You better believe I’ll be getting pizza first thing when I go home though 😉

  1. Hi Emmeline!
    Wow! Those are some stunning shots 🙂
    I live in Nova Scotia Canada and have never been further than Miami, FL. But Zurich sure looks amazing.
    I have just found your blog and can’t wait to read your posts. 🙂

    • Hi Heather! Thank you 🙂 I just found yours today too, I’m looking forward to catching up on all your running adventures! P.S. never been to Nova Scotia but it looks beautiful and it’s always been my mom’s dream trip, I might have to ask you for sightseeing advice!

    • I think a couple years ago I may not have understood a fish phobia but then I watched every episode of River Monsters so now I think every body of water other than a pool is full of creatures trying to kill me. Oops 🙂

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