It’s 2014!

And if you think I did something exciting last night, you’re very very wrong.  I sat in my sweatpants with my husband and watched football.  We did open a bottle of pink champagne though.  Classy 🙂  We didn’t feel like making anything for dinner so we had baguettes with gorgonzola and prosciutto.  Combine that with the champagne and let’s just pretend I was doing something exciting like a Parisian party instead of falling asleep before midnight.


Lest you think I was COMPLETELY lazy yesterday, I also did thirty minutes of glute and hip exercises.  I’m pretty sure my dogs thought I was dying because they kept licking my face while I was on the floor doing the suspended clamshells.  I do a whole bunch of exercises with ankle weights and a medium strength resistance band and it is simultaneously horrible and wonderful because it really does keep my lower body stronger and healthier for running.  One of my resolutions for 2014 is to be way more consistent with it and aim for 3-4 times a week.



I was woken up super early today by my youngest pup who decided she needed to be sick for no good reason.  She was miraculously fixed when she got chicken and boiled rice for breakfast (which my vet recommends when they get upset tummies…secretly I wonder how long it will take her to fake an upset tummy to get chicken). 

It was absolutely POURING but luckily treadmills don’t care.


Yes, it’s blurry.  How you other bloggers take photos while running is beyond me, I’m barely coordinated enough to just run much less focus on another task.  I nearly fell off the treadmill trying to take this.  But no better way to start a new year than with a tough run and for whatever reason, this one was just one of those that was incredibly mentally difficult.  I think all that fresh air in Switzerland ruined me because I was antsy after 15 minutes indoors and usually I can run on a treadmill for 90 minutes before I start to get twitchy. 


Obviously, I had to reward myself for my effort so early morning pancakes it is!



My plans for the rest of the day?  More football, obviously.  I get depressed when college football season is over but bowl season is basically heaven with all those games in one day and New Year’s Day is like the crowning glory.  I’m thinking of making potato leek soup as well but only if I can convince Joe to go to the store in this weather and bring me back some heavy cream 🙂  Soup in the cold rain is just so comforting. 



And if you didn’t notice…new blog layout!  I’m terrible at anything and everything technical so it was a huge deal to attempt to make it spiffier and it totally took me over an hour to do that dumb header thing (so much respect to all you other bloggers with crazy fancy blogs, this is as custom as mine is going to get unless I can convince one of my friends to have a crack at it).  Apologies if it causes weird formatting issues with some of my back catalog of posts but everything should be smoother moving forward this way!


Is anyone else weirdly pumped about this week’s runs?  I feel like a kid on the first week of school with all my shiny new books and pens wanting to start the year off right. 

Tell me what you did last night!  I’m going to live vicariously through everyone else and their exciting plans


4 thoughts on “It’s 2014!

  1. Your nights sounds very cozy to me 🙂 My husband and I went to a Greek restaurant for dinner and then headed home to dive straight into our PJs. We fought to stay awake until midnight and then headed to bed at 12:02…lol.

    I was so excited to go log my first run of the new year today, even in the -20 degree Celsius temps……I ended up with ice in my braids and bright red cheeks, but it’s all good, lol.

  2. Love the new layout! It looks great.

    I was totally lame last night (not a surprise) and was in bed by 10pm. My husband was at work and I had to be at my job at 6am this morning so there was absolutely no way I was going to stay up late.

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