I’m a Vegetable Machine!

Let’s start with the rest of yesterday.  After my run and shower, I spent a million hours peeling and chopping all sorts of vegetables to throw in the slow cooker for some potato leek soup because I sure as heck wasn’t going to want to cook anything once the bowl games started.  And I’m trying to make an effort to eat better now that the holidays are over and I no longer need to eat out with company or rely on fast food as much.  Looking forward to it mostly, but have to make sure I set aside the time for prep and cooking with some busy stuff I have for grad school coming up (which you’ll probably hear about in the next day or two).


There have got to be at least four servings of vegetables in each bowl, apparently I’m maximizing my veggie quota today.


The finished product, which isn’t finished until it has cheese and bacon on top, obviously.  Yum.


Then I spent all day watching bowl games and reading everyone’s resolution posts 🙂


This morning started with my usual oatmeal and a white chocolate raspberry latte which was AMAZING and also probably too sweet pre-run but whatever, it was awesome.  Then four fun and easy miles which was such a relief after the mental struggle yesterday.  Isn’t it just so crazy how you can do nothing different and run the same pace and still one day can be one of those days that reminds you why you fell in love with running and the next can be such a disaster that you spend the whole run convincing yourself not to quit?  No idea why that is, but pushing through the hard runs makes the easy ones even more exciting and joyful for me. 

And it’s sunny out today (yay!) so I found the baby girl like this:


And now my biggest problem is picking a snack flavor


I think we might watch that movie Rush before football starts tonight.  Looks like fun and who doesn’t love Chris Hemsworth?


And one last running-related note: I signed up for Running Ahead to start the year! I’m a huge running nerd so I’m excited to see all my mileage and pace stats in fun graphs and charts each month and at the end of the year. 



Do you track your mileage on any of the running sites?

Favorite snack bar company and flavor?


10 thoughts on “I’m a Vegetable Machine!

  1. Definitely White Chocolate Cliff Bar! 😉

    I’ve never had a white chocolate raspberry latte, but it sure sounds awesome!

    I’m quite jealous of the ‘sun’ in your pictures. If I try really hard, I can almost remember what that feels like, lol.

  2. The White Chocolate Clif bars cannot be beat.

    My mileage is tracked automatically when my Nike GPS watch syncs (if I wear it on every run). However, I don’t always wear it on the treadmill so I rarely have any idea how many miles a run in any given year.

  3. I track my mileage on Daily Mile. It is a pretty neat, free app you can use. I want to get better about tracking it this year so I can really see how much I’ve done though.

    I had NO idea Clif bar had a Toffee flavor. Holy crap. Toffee is favorite! I don’t know if I have a favorite bar. I eat bars due to the convenience, but I’d rather have whole food. This morning I had a Kind Bar, Almond and Coconut. Not too bad.

    • The toffee one is caffeinated too, I think! I eat bars for convenience too, I’m always needing to keep fueling while I’m at the library or running around campus (grad student!) so it’s the easiest thing to shove in my bag. Doesn’t hurt that they taste good thought!

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