Tacos cure stress

Sorry for the day off yesterday, I have this annoying project to finish in which I have to cut a 10,000 word chapter of my dissertation to 3,000 words for a conference I’m presenting my research at this week.  And I can’t lose any of the content that makes it all make sense and be so innovative.  It’s impossible, I’m pretty sure.  I’m working on it though.  I’ll let you know how it goes on Friday and whether everyone just stared at me blankly or if they grasped what I was saying and think I’m a genius.  I’m feeling one of these is far more likely but I really hope it just goes well.  It’s my seventh or eighth conference but I’ve never had to edit so much that I feel is crucial to my point so it’s by far the most stressful.


Anyway, you know what cures stress? TACOS. 


If you guessed that that’s just MY plate, you’d be right.  Those are my 6.  Joe’s are out of view.  If you also guessed that I was still hungry afterward, you’d be right again, you little smartypants.  So rungry.  All the time.


And because I was procrastinating my paper editing, I took a quiz on which Disney princess I am. 


I was a little bummed about Pocahontas at first (mostly because I forgot she was a Disney princess) but those two descriptions are spot on which is funny.  My friend got Cinderella and I can’t think of anyone I’m less like in the universe. 

I also just got done with my Sunday morning run, which I finished 5 seconds before it started raining.  It was the absolute best kind of run where every single second of it is fun and easy and energized and you just never feel tired or sore or anything the whole way, even though you’re pushing the pace.  It was insane and the kind of run I only get every few weeks or so (while running a bit faster anyway, not like recovery pace) and one of those that reminds you why you love to run.  I’m in the best mood ever and on a total runner’s high.


But I overheated a bit in my Nike Epic Sweatshirt under my jacket and so my face got suuuuuuuper red.  Side note: I love this jacket.  I love being neon.  I do not love how my waist-length hair is impossible to tie up for running but yet I do not want to cut it.  Ok, enough off-topic rambling.


When was your last absolutely amazing run?

Does having a fun meal help you feel less stressed or is that just me?


10 thoughts on “Tacos cure stress

  1. Those tacos look awesome! I actually took out taco supplies last evening for dinner and then changes my mind…. we did chicken and pasta instead. :S Tacos today it is! Food DOES cure stress, I’m certain of it!

    That was super funny about the Disney Princess quiz…LOL…..I’ll have to try that later. 🙂

    I love those runs where every stride feels amazing!……..I also love being neon. 😀

  2. Mmm those tacos look so yummy and good! To answer your questions: I feel like it’s been forever since I had an absolutely AMAZING run because I love running outside and I’ve had to stay inside and run on the treadmill a lot lately. So probably the last time I ran outside was my absolutely amazing run.
    My go-to stress reducing “meal”‘is wine and chocolate. I just try not to make a meal out of it. 🙂

    • Haha that sounds yummy! It’s a shame so many of the best stress meals are so unhealthy 😦 I loaded up my tacos with tons of protein and veggies to counteract it a bit but obviously I couldn’t help myself with all that cheese 😀

      Agreed though, so hard to have a truly amazing run indoors (at least for me). I hope the weather gets better for you soon!

  3. I am lusting over those tacos, basically because of the ginormous amount of cheese on them. Clearly, we think the same way about food 🙂 And a fun meal always makes me feel better.

    I can’t remember my last great run, because they are never great indoors, and I feel like I have only been running inside lately. I am running a race along the gulf coast in early February, so let’s just project that THAT will be my next great run.

    I took the princess quiz and was part Belle, part Cinderella. I wasn’t too thrilled about the Cinderella part, but my inner nerd was pretty happy being compared to Belle (who is CLEARLY the best princess).

  4. I’m so glad I just stumbled across your blog. I recently started blogging and I am starting grad school in a couple off weeks. I am nervous about having time to do it all, running, blogging, research, sleeping. I’m glad to know someone else is making i work!

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