So many treadmill miles this winter

Up and at ’em this morning with a 5 mile easy run on the treadmill…again.  Except it didn’t feel super easy because my legs were more than a bit heavy today.  I’m going to foam roll the crap out of them and see if that helps but if I wake up tomorrow and they’re still this heavy, tomorrow might be a cross-training day so I can do my interval workout on Wednesday with fresher legs.  We’ll see 🙂  Definitely had to work for every mile today though.



Couldn’t even bring myself to do strides or hill sprints at the end.  Oops. 

Currently having a smoothie date with my foam roller.  Avocado and mixed berries, yum.


Side note: This is half my smoothie.  The other half joined me in the shower, where I can actually stay warm while drinking frozen things and multitask with my hair washing.  I’m classy.

Oh and dinner last night was mixed veggies and crabcake salad 🙂



I made a white wine mustard vinaigrette for the salad/crabcakes and it worked really well I thought.  I could eat that salad anytime and I’m so not a salad person. 


Ok, guys, any tricks for heavy legs?

Because the tv reports are insane: Exactly how cold is it where you live today?!


4 thoughts on “So many treadmill miles this winter

  1. I’ve been told that when you’re legs feel like ‘tree trunks,’ it’s usually because you’re dehydrated. I try real hard to drink up and refuel immediately post-run. Foam rolling and/or a good massage usually help me with stale legs. 🙂

    We actually now have a Rainfall warning….lol. We can’t seem to catch a break as it’s pouring from the heavens with gale force winds right now. I should be up for running in anything when Spring hits. 😉

    • I have the rain and winds too 😦 spring is going to be a piece of cake after all this!

      I was inspired to get some Epsom salts after your post the other day, I foam rolled like crazy today but I’m thinking a bath might be in store tomorrow!

  2. Not sure if you are a Friends fan, but drinking your smoothie in the shower made me giggle because it reminded me of Joey eating a sandwich in the shower. (If you don’t watch the show, 1. what I just said made no sense, and 2. you should really watch it, it never gets old)

    • Haha I am obsessively in love with that show, I still watch repeats all the time. In fact, when I met Joe and found out he hadn’t seen all the episodes, I was appalled and we watched the DVD of all 10 seasons 🙂 I don’t know how it’s possible but you’re right, it really does never get old!

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