Random facts about me

Cross-training this morning on the bike.  NOT my favorite.  In fact, I hate biking.  Not as much as I hate swimming, but close.  Funny that I tried doing triathlons a few years ago, right?  You shouldn’t pick up a 3 sport discipline if you only enjoy training 1 of the sports.  Just a PSA.  Anyway, one incredibly awful hour of biking.  (BTW: I love spin class, I don’t know why I hate the normal bike so much.  My new gym doesn’t do spin class yet though there is a rumor it will start in the next month or two)


Dinner last night was fish, quinoa, and sunchoke puree.  Sunchokes are totally one of the best vegetables and you should try it if you can.  They also call them Jerusalem Artichokes in some stores.



I got this in the mail for free:


Clearly they knew my lifelong goal was to look like Thor.  I’ll stick to my 12lb weights in the corner of the gym, thanks. 


Ok, so I thought maybe I should share some random facts about me so you can all get to know me a little better 🙂 And I am, without a doubt, a very random person. 

1. I have broken my nose at least 3 times.  The first time I was 8 and got a soccer ball in the face.  Another soccer injury for #2 (an elbow) and a terrible snowboarding accident for the last one, in which I also got a severe concussion and when I had surgery, they discovered my nose was pretty much collapsed on the inside.  Oops.  And gross.

2. I hated burgers most of my life.  I also (still) don’t eat hotdogs so I was pretty much a cookout’s worst nightmare until about 2-3 years ago.  Joe and I were watching Man v Food and saw the Juicy Lucy and decided to try it to see if it would help me like burgers, which I always avoided because I hated what I call the “crumbly” texture.  It did, and I could eat burgers as long as the cheese was baked into the meat.  I eventually learned to appreciate other burgers that are prepared well and not crumbly, which I can usually tell by the type of restaurant that serves them, but if I’m wrong and the texture is off then I can’t last more than a bite.  I have texture issues, obviously 😦


3. I am ostensibly afraid of heights.  I say ostensibly because I have skydived and bungee jumped and done a whole bunch of other stupid height things.  I was weirdly unafraid of the skydiving but everything else with heights scares me and I get all sweaty and shaky but I just don’t let it stop me doing things because then life would suck, right?  I hate flying because of my fear but I’m not going to let it stop me from traveling, I just have nightmares for weeks leading up to a flight. 


4. I’m a huge fan of country music.  Everyone I know listens to it and goes to the concerts all summer long so I’m used to spending my summers at the outdoor pavilion just sitting on the grass with a few beers and friends and listening to great music.  The biggest event is an all day festival that is absolute craziness for us every year and I went to it from age 14-26 when I moved out of the area.  Words cannot express how sad I was to miss it last year.  Now my only country fix is on my ipod so I’m always updating it to listen to new songs while I’m running.


5. I LOVE animals.  I have a zillion “favorite” wild animals but I have a particular love for elephants and for the large cats.  So our honeymoon in South Africa was basically heaven.  I was crushed that I couldn’t find a rehabilitation center with a young lion for me to see.  My bucket list includes feeding a baby lion/tiger/insert other wild animal in a rehab center and visiting one of those elephant rehabilitation centers and getting up close and personal with elephants.  I’m hoping I can manage it for my 30th birthday (a ways away still!) because that would just be the best thing ever.  Here is an elephant from my South Africa trip:


I even have an elephant necklace I wear every day 🙂


Tell me any random fact about you!

Favorite animal?


13 thoughts on “Random facts about me

  1. Haha, I’m with you on #2 and the “crumbly” texture on the outside layer of the burger. I hated burgers until I met my husband and tried eating one of his a couple years ago. He makes a mean burger, and his is one of the only that I’ll actually enjoy.
    My favorite animals are dogs, horses come in second.

    • I avoided trying even my husband’s burgers for like 6 years! Now that I know he makes delicious ones, he’s one of the few I trust to cook them for me 🙂

      And I’m totally with you on dogs being the best!

  2. My FAVORITE animal is also the elephant-absolutely LOVE them…amazing creatures (although I do love all animals). I am with you on biking-not a fan…I used to enjoy swimming when I was a kid, but recently tried it and almost drowned. No upper body strength. Insane how much more difficult it was than running!

    Random fact-I have half Swiss and used to spend every summer there as a child 🙂

    • Totally agree! I have to rest ALL the time when I swim, even when I’m in peak running shape, it’s just so different! And an elephant fan too…maybe we are long lost best friends 🙂

      Jealous that you spent your summers in Switzerland-what a gorgeous place to get to live!

    • Mine is getting worse too, but don’t let it beat you! I find I feel worse in tall buildings near windows and on bridges than up in the air somehow, is that strange? Where is worst for you?

      • stairs where you can see down the spiral stairwell…lol. Tall buildings with glass for sure!! Very high balconies. I tend to get dizzy and sort of lose balance. :S

  3. After I read a book called Elephant Memories I have adored elephants. One of the scenes actually made me cry. They’re incredible animals.
    I never used to be afraid of heights but I’ve noticed lately that I’m getting that way.

  4. I am weird about textures, too, and feel the same way about burgers (and anything with ground beef in them). I also hate mushrooms because of their texture, and because they squeak when you eat them, which makes me gag.

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