17 days

6 easy miles today and I’ll be doing a kettlebell workout this afternoon.  I’ve also been doing a lot of stretching and little supplemental exercises this week (calf raises, hip strengtheners, etc) every single day to try and stretch and strengthen my lower legs which are feeling a bit tight post-run lately.  I think it’s working but we’ll see how the next few weeks go!


I had a hard time picking what flavor I wanted after my run yesterday.  I went with Maple Bacon this time.  Salted Caramel is my favorite and Coconut is amazing in shakes.  The White Chocolate Pretzel isn’t my favorite and is really hard to spread so I silently judge it for that.


My newest thing is topping my breakfast oatmeal with these:


It’s pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, and chia seeds seasoned and roasted.  If you can’t read them, one bag is Asian-inspired with garlic, soy sauce, ginger, etc and the other is maple and spicy chili.  They’re also super yummy if you just need a handful or two of a healthy snack to tide you over between meals.  I’m in love with them so I have to actually measure out my portion or else I’ll eat like half a bag and 6 million calories of seeds.


So it’s been 17 days since I’ve had pizza.  Yes, I counted.  So obviously, I felt I earned some and had delicious pizza last night.


I’d just like to say that I know a lot of runners don’t understand that I’ll eat an entire pizza in a sitting or whatnot.  For me personally, it doesn’t do anything to hurt my performance or how I feel.  I don’t feel sluggish or heavy even five minutes after I eat and I can run first thing in the morning and I don’t feel any different than I do after weeks of healthy eating.  Even when I eat pretty terribly like I did over the holidays, my body doesn’t change, my weight doesn’t fluctuate, and I don’t notice any difference in my appearance.  I wouldn’t eat the way I do if I felt it affected me negatively even slightly, but I’ve never noticed any negative consequences, so I don’t feel weird about eating giant portions of tacos or pizza or whatnot.  That being said, I’m working on eating healthier *in general* because of the long term benefits of healthier eating and incorporating more vegetables and such into my diet.  I will still eat giant bowls of pasta and large pizzas, just not as often.  I’m trying to get more protein in my diet as well and it’s REALLY hard to do that if you’re eating pasta every night 😉 

With that in mind, I got my CSA box yesterday and planned out this week’s meals once I saw the ingredients:



How about you, do you plan your meals in advance?

Do you eat healthily? 80/20? 50/50? Despite how it looks, I’m about 50/50.  I eat healthy breakfast and lunch every day and healthy dinners 2-3 times a week. The other 4 dinners are anything goes 😉


18 thoughts on “17 days

  1. I try to plan meals out in advance, but it’s pretty difficult for me. My husband is a picky eater in the respect that I’ll plan to make a meal on Wednesday at the beginning of the week, and then once Wednesday gets here he says “I don’t feel like having that.” In the past, we’ve been known to go grocery shopping every other day, but were trying to only go once a week now because it gets expensive!
    My diet is about 50/50 too. I usually make really healthy meals, but I have a major sweet tooth!

    • I’m like that, I plan to have something but I really can’t eat anything that I’m not “feeling” that day. I try to plan a whole week, then if I need to switch individual days, that’s okay, but it stops me from resorting to pasta every single night which is what I did for years. What’s your favorite sweet indulgence?

  2. LOVE that I stumbled across your blog! I adore how you aren’t one of those people who only eats rabbit food! I somewhat plan my meals, but if a craving strikes(usually chocolate) I will definitely have some. I’m like you, I ran my fastest 10k after a party with sweets galore! Feel free to stop by my blog and give me any advice! 🙂

  3. I try really hard to be *healthy* with my eating, but at the same time I don’t limit myself so much that I binge later. That being said, I’ve somehow developed a craving for something sweet every day since I’ve been back to work around mid afternoon, lol. I wonder where that came from?

    We don’t really ‘plan’ our meals out. I just tend to cook very similar dinners each night ….a lot of chicken, whole grain rice and garden salads. We do eat pasta quite a bit as well, especially when we are running high mileage. 🙂 I’m also like you in that breakfast and lunch is usually pretty healthy though.

    • I’ve heard that works for so many people but I’ll have to find something I don’t mind eating often that isn’t a carb! What do you eat for your sweet cravings now that you’ve got them?

  4. I usually plan my meals during the week since I work…often the same-always a HUGE salad in the fridge, baked chicken or pork, roasted veggies, some kind of grain…seems boring, but I love it and I am a bit routine driven 🙂 Usually get Thai food on Friday. My favorite food of all time…I am not a huge fan of thick crust pizza, but love flat bread types. I would say I eat healthy 80-90% of the time, but ALWAYS have ice cream at night (probably more than I should). End the night with a huge bowl of air popped popcorn with some kind of seasoning sprinkled on it. This is probably more detail than you wanted to know!

      • So hard to choose! I LOVE the fresh/spring rolls with peanut sauce. Peanut sauce is one of the best things on Earth. Anything with prawns, calamari & scallops are amazing. The dishes I get the most are Swimming Rama usually with chicken (spinach and peanut sauce) or the Sweet and Sour chicken/pork or seafood.. The salads with the lime/fish sauce and cashews are also amazing! And the chicken skewer appetizers with curry powder and peanut sauce…I always start with those 🙂

  5. That salted caramel peanut butter sounds amazing! I even went to their website but too bad shipping to the US is more than the peanut butter itself! booo.
    I have four kids so I absolutely have to plan my meals. I also plan it so I make enough for two nights. I don’t want to cook every night.

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