So I did a whole arms/shoulders/back workout yesterday afternoon and now I know I’m definitely out of shape strength-wise because I woke up this morning and ow ow ow ow.  It hurts to straighten my arms, it hurts to bend my arms, it hurts to raise my arms.  Adding more strength training to my schedule immediately.  I have a really strong core but apparently I neglect my upper body like crazy.  Oops.

I took a bath with epsom salts and muscle recovery bath oil to try to clear up my sore legs afterward.  They did feel shockingly refreshed afterward and I’d say today they feel maybe 50% better.  I have a weird extremely localized bruised feeling on my right leg though.  I can’t feel it all the time but every so often, I feel it and it feels like I have a really deep bruise but touching it doesn’t do anything and there’s no bruise there.  No idea what that is but hopefully it goes away.  No injuries invited.


I was supposed to make chicken and butternut squash last night for dinner but the timing got all crazy and I had to make something simpler (read: faster) instead so we had pasta with pesto and balsamic.


We will be having the chicken tonight instead. 


I’m spending the day at a conference, where I’m chairing a panel today and presenting some of my research tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure I successfully cut my paper enough but I’m going to do a read-through today.  Funny story: I cut out 6 whole pages of text and several paragraphs throughout and thought that was probably good, so I did a timed reading yesterday and I was 12 freaking minutes over the allotted time.  I’ve now cut as much as I think I can and still have everything make sense so if it is over on time when I test it later, then tomorrow I’m just going to read it really really fast and squeeze it in.  That sounds like a plan, right?


Anyway, since I’m going to be gone all day, I had to do my speed workout on a treadmill early this morning.  I don’t mind doing intervals on a treadmill, it’s nice to be able to set it to the pace you need to be running and just hold on.  You can really nail your target pace and recovery times that way, which I think leads to a pretty effective workout, even if it’s not on the track 🙂

I’m now eating recovery eggs.


And the sun is coming out which means little Stevie is soaking it up:


We rescued her in Ohio but she’s secretly a San Diego pup, she only likes temperatures between 60-80.  Anything colder or warmer and she won’t spend time outside voluntarily, but she does love the sun so any day that is sunny, she sits in the doorway like this to get the sun on her but still remain in the heated house.  Both of my dogs are weirdos.


If you have pets, tell me one of their weird quirks!

How often do you strength train your upper body?


14 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Stevie is so cute! We have Sadie and she stands in the window and watches the entire street. People always tell me “I saw Sadie in the window” lol. She has to know what’s going on I guess.
    The noodles look so good to me right now, I think I’m on a carb kick or something lately!

  2. I’ve been enjoying the treadmill myself lately because I know I can effectively hit the paces I need to be doing. It isn’t a secret or hard, I just plug in the pace and try not to fall off. I’m glad someone else feels the same way…I wondered if it was just me who didn’t mind it.

  3. I ONLY like the treadmill for interval training- I live in AZ so I can run outside year round and I much prefer that. But I am terrible at outdoor intervals. Also, that feeling when you can’t more your arms after a weight workout? Yeah, I had such little arm strength when I first started training them a few months back that it took me a solid month to not let my arm workouts take my arms completely out of commission the next day!

  4. Your dog Stevie is adorable. 🙂 I love animals. They are the best. I love their unconditional love. I have to cats- Christmas and Jelly. Jelly’s weird quirk is every time he is done with a meal, he hops up on my bedside table and drinks water from a drinking glass. It’s his drinking glass. He looooooves water out of a glass, even though they have a very clean cat fountain! I strength train back/biceps twice a week and chest/shoulders/triceps twice a week… so that’s 4 days!

    • Ok I need your strength training resolve stat. Jelly sounds adorable! That’s so freaking cute (and weird haha!) I bet I would love him. Glad to know mine aren’t the only ones with idiosyncratic habits, you’d swear they were people!

  5. I love to make pasta with pesto! And recovery eggs truly are the best eggs. 🙂

    Stevie is super cute.

    I am always super sore post-strength workout involving my upper body.

  6. Your dog is such a cutie.

    One of our dogs sings the entire time my husband and I eat dinner. He literally lays right at my husbands feet and very faintly sings. It is hilarious (and also a little bit annoying).

    I try to strength train at least 3 days a week. I honestly only do it to better my running, because it is definitely not my favorite.

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