Stevie greatly appreciated everyone saying how cute she was yesterday so I had an idea for a post today.  I’m leaving in a few minutes to spend the day at the conference presenting my research and yesterday I was there all day after my run so I have no fun pictures to share with you from yesterday.  Today I’m heading out for a 6 mile run during the conference lunch break at 1pm but until then, I thought I’d share about Stevie.  December was the anniversary of when we brought her home and I didn’t do it then but let’s do it now, because if I can’t post pictures of my workout or food, you might as well see a cute puppy and hear about where she came from.

First, our older dog, Slider (he’s 7), is a Norwegian Elkhound.


He loves snow.  He’s Norwegian to the bone.

We rescued him in July 2006. We had been wanting a sibling for him but the timing was bad in college and during my M.A. program but we started thinking about it when I was done, because it would be nice to train him/her before my PhD program started.  Then I get an email from a friend who does rescue stuff and I guess she was just goofing off online but saw a litter of Norwegian Elkhound/Australian Shepherd mix puppies in Ohio.  We about died because Norwegian Elkhounds are not very common in the U.S. and we thought Slider was pretty much perfect so getting another of his breed sounded excellent.  We called the lady, who runs a small rescue out of her home and filled out all the forms but TEN other people wanted to adopt the same little girl, who was the last of the litter remaining.  She had rescued the litter and both parents from a kill shelter and had found homes for all but our baby.  She called us two days later, on December 20th, and told us she was ours, she picked us because we had experience with the breed (which can be a handful…haha understatement).  So two days later we made the 9 hour drive to Ohio to go get her.  We of course stopped and saw a basketball game and had burgers at Thurman Cafe with a friend and enjoyed a trip back to my alma mater for a few quick hours that night, and drove the last hour to rural Ohio to get her in the morning.


She was insanely cute but terrified of us but we had a bed and blanket ready for her in the car for a 10 hour drive home.


About five minutes after we got her, right about when she decided I was okay.


She immediately took to being insanely rambunctious and wanting to play ALL THE TIME.


She also loves sleep, but only likes to sleep on her parents.  She still does this, and won’t sleep unless she is on Joe’s arm or my leg.


She also has pink and black spots on her paws.  It’s cute because Slider has black spots on his tongue.


Since we got her in December and she had very thin puppy fur, she shivered all the time until we got her a sweater.  Buckeye colors obviously for our Ohio puppy.


She’s two now but she is still every single bit as ridiculous as she was when she was a puppy.  Her favorite things include taking her toys to the top of the stairs and dropping them as a self-made fetching machine, eating ice cream, and giving a million kisses to the face when you walk in the door, even if you’ve only been gone 10 minutes.


So there you have it, the story of the littlest of our pups.  Side note: her brother is big (70 pounds) but for some reason she never reached the size she was supposed to be.  Everyone still thinks she’s a puppy.

It’s sunny out as I leave for my conference so wish me luck that it will be sunny at lunch time and I won’t look like a drowned rat for the second half of the day presenting 😉

Do you have a rescue animal?

Where did you go to college!? (just give a state if you’re not comfortable saying, which I totally understand)


4 thoughts on “Stevie

  1. Good luck on your presentation, lady! I love hearing other people’s dog stories 🙂

    I went to the University of Alabama at Birmingham for my BS and MS. When thinking about going back for my doctorate, which I will inevitably have to do, I am tempted to go back there because my hospital pays 100% of tuition as part of our employee educational assistance program. However, I would kind of love to branch out and go somewhere new.

    • Branching out is nice, I’ve gone to different schools for B.A, M.A., and PhD, but at the same time, if you love it there and have the added bonus of paid tuition, then embrace going back! I was soooooo close to going back to OSU for my PhD because I just love that place. It was an incredibly tough choice to go somewhere new instead.

  2. I went to University in Newfoundland, where I’m originally from 🙂

    Self-fetching=very intelligent ….lol. That’s really cute. I love the pink spots on her paws ❤
    Best of luck in your presentation!

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