A secret source of energy

I spent yesterday among professors and graduate students from all over the world at a conference in my research area.


And I had to present some of my own PhD research, which I was super nervous about, but I think it went well.  And I ran one minute over, which wasn’t so bad considering when I did a test run on Wednesday, it was twelve minutes over. 


It was sunny when lunch time rolled around so I skipped the conference lunch and headed out for a run.  I only had time for 4.5 miles on annoying sidewalks but it felt so good to get some of that nervous energy out and I was 1000% more relaxed the second half of the day. 


I wanted to run along the river but there was horrible flooding everywhere so I had to stick to the sidewalks/roads.  Not my favorite but the view wasn’t horrible 😉


After the conference, I picked up some new running gear because I feel like I’m always doing laundry solely for sports bras.


I love these patterns.  Patterns in general make me feel like I have a secret when I’m running.  That’s a little weird, I’m sure.  My neon orange/green tie dye one makes me feel like a superhero.  It’s my secret speedwork weapon.  Shh.


And unless it’s 2 degrees, I’m wearing capris, not pants and I loved these for some reason so I’m excited to try them out. 


Today’s run is 2x2mi tempo with 1.5 mi warmup and cooldown and a 3 min recovery jog in between.  Woo! And vicious strength training on the schedule today too, a little less excited for that. 


What’s today’s workout for you?

Any equipment/gear that gets you extra pumped for your workout?



10 thoughts on “A secret source of energy

  1. I am totally jealous of your campus/running view. Today is a rest day for me after 10 miles yesterday and I think my poor legs need it. All gear gets me excited about running. I always like to joke that I run for the cute clothes 🙂

    • Dude pump+10 miles=you deserve the rest. I definitely don’t go out and socialize enough so I don’t get to use my love of clothes so I totally transfer that to running and like to pick things that are more fun 🙂 there are some seriously cute running clothes!!

  2. LOVE your new gear! those capris are totally awesome 😀

    I feel like neon makes me go faster for some reason. I am certain it’s all mental…lol. However one time in Runner’s world I read that ‘faster runners tend to have flashier footwear.’ :0

    • Haha that’s fantastic! I tried to get my shoes in the most obnoxious neon yellow/orange combo and was crushed when they didn’t have them in my gigantic size (9.5) and had to settle for a more muted pink. I got neon green laces to put on ’em instead 🙂 neon totally makes you feel faster!

  3. I wanted to run today but it’s POURING and cold… and I don’t want to waste my one running day this weekend on crappy weather. I think I shall do a carport workout instead. Those sports bras are cute. I need new ones. They have sure seen better days!

  4. I was just headed out for my short 3-mile run today OUTSIDE despite the rain, and it started thundering! I don’t mind the rain as much, I’ll take it along with the 54-degree weather, but I won’t run in thunder. 😦

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