Someone teach me to like strength training

Why is it so awful? Not only am I bored the whole time I’m doing it, but it hurts.  And not in the fun way that running hurts. (Ha, I sound a little sadistic there but I do weirdly like the kind of pain that running brings. Except when I’m racing intervals, do NOT love that kind of pain!)  I did p90x years ago and actually liked it so maybe what I need is to have a program again.  Going to look into a few options because I need more consistency there but I also need to not hate it or I will just dread working out every day and I do not want that.  If you have any program recommendations, please share them!  I know a lot of people like Body Pump but my gym doesn’t offer it 😦  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but my gym is actually an MMA gym complete with octagon and everything.  There are a bunch of treadmills and stuff but it’s wonderful because no one is ever on them, except for the guys warming up for boxing class who use it for like 5 minutes.  Though going to a 95% male gym is a little disconcerting at times.  But yeah, all the classes are boxing, muay thai, MMA, etc.  No body pump or pilates or anything. 


Ok, enough ramblings.  After morning run yesterday I had chili in the slow cooker by noon.


When I first put it all in there, before it’s had time to blend and get all thick and red 🙂  So freaking yummy. 


Secret ingredient.  I chop up ancho or chipotle chilis for the main flavor profile when I make chili but you have to season it and why have just plain salt when you can add extra heat with ghost pepper salt?  If you don’t know about ghost pepper then clearly you haven’t seen as much Man v Food as I have.  Bonus story: When we first moved to our new town, Joe did an eating challenge where the entire burger and fries were doused in ghost pepper sauce.  It was way too much and he stopped about 3/4 done and took home a loser shirt 😉  He can eat A LOT (we’re alike that way) but the spice level was crazy.  Like when Adam Richman can’t eat 4 measly wings.  See, I’ve seen too many episodes. 


Final product.  Delicious and super filling.  And I always forget that chili is pretty healthy: just lean meat, protein-filled beans, tomatoes, and stock and all the extra flavor comes from all the veggies and spices 🙂  I was curious and put it in My Fitness-Pal and I get 70g of protein from a bowl of this craziness and minimal carbs.  I should really eat it more since my diet is usually 85% carb.  Oops.


This morning was 10 miles…yay for double digit runs as always.  They’re just fun.  I didn’t take any photos because it’s grey and disgusting out so you can have one from the sidewalk run yesterday:


Actually it’s a picture from a few months ago when I stopped and took a pic of the cat.  I saw the same little guy in the same place yesterday when he decided to run out in front of me and tried to get a pic but it turned out really blurry.  Then I remembered I still had this one from back when he wasn’t trying to kill me by tripping me into the street. 

I wish I had gotten one this morning (I didn’t have my phone) but a cute husky decided he wanted to run with me for like 1/4 mile until his owner yelled at him to come home.  He was very energetic and sweet and was right at my leg so either he loves to run or he could just smell my pups and thought I might lead him to some new friends if he tagged along. 


Have you ever done a designated workout program? P90x, Insanity, any number of others…

Give me tips to enjoy strength training!

Favorite protein-packed meal?



17 thoughts on “Someone teach me to like strength training

  1. I also did some weight training yesterday, with the help of my husband. I also seVerely HATE it (with a capital V, lol). Then when I was at my sister’s she had a kettle ball lying around and I decided to play around with that while she dictated what I do. I’m a little sore for my long run day (not cool)!

    • Being sore for long runs makes me mad! I try to do strength (when I’m actually on top it…) m/w/f to avoid it but I’m so out of shape strength-wise that it carries over anyway. How long is your run today?

      • Eight miles, so not too bad! At least it’s nice out so I’m probably going to do half my run outside and then half on the treadmill (since I’ve been running on the treadmill A LOT I want to transition myself to running outside during my long runs, or else I’ll probably be really sore – plus, I’m not as good at pacing myself when I’m outside).

  2. Those Nike outfits are so cute! I used to HATE strength training too. Then I started using the NIke Training Club app(free) and it has 15 min workouts that are killer but not too long for me to get bored. They’re affective too!

  3. Okay here is and idea…(And you may have tried this before!) One day a week, lift upper body for about a 1/2 hour, then do a 1/2 hour run. You still get your cardio on but you benefited from some weight training as well. One other day a week, do full body weight training circuits. Set up your circuits like this: 1 upper body exercise, 1 lower body exercise, and 1 plyo. Example for a circuit: Chest press, squats, burpees. Repeat the circuit 3 times. Maybe start out w/ 3 circuits for yourself- try to hit your big muscle groups. And you’ll get your endorphins from your plyos, too. Don’t force yourself to do it for an hour… 30-45 min would be great! Those are my ideas. I used to hate weight training, too. I thought it was boring, never saw result (cause I was doing it wrong), and just wanted to run, because it’s so quick and easy! So I totally know where you are coming from!

  4. Oh my goodness, that chilli looks a-mazing! mmm

    I love when random dogs just start to trot alongside you when you run. 🙂 It usually happens to me a lot in the trail….which is now ice/snow covered 😦

    I don’t LOVE strength training either, but when I see the results it reminds me of why I do it. Then I do kind of love it I guess. My last marathon I felt super strong and I attribute that to the core/arm/back exercises I did preceding up to it. That is motivating me big time to do it as I train for Boston. I suffered major back aches and poor form during last year’s marathon in Boston and it was because I slacked off in the strength/core area.

    • Yeah I can tell I definitely need to do more because I can feel my form slipping late in my long runs because I just don’t have the strength I need to keep me running strongly for that long. How often are you doing strength in the lead-up to Boston?

  5. The only strength training I like (and do) is Body Pump, so I am pretty worthless on this subject. However, I think I would LOVE treadmill running if I could watch live MMA fighting while running.

  6. I’ve heard about ghost peppers, but have never tried them yet. I have a high tolerance to spice too, so I think I would like the challenge:D
    I find making my strength workouts into tabata workouts really help me!

  7. hi! just found your blog, i do have to agree that i also get quite bored with strength training. i can do a workout one day and like it but doing another one soon after i’m just like mehh, i’d rather run or do yoga. sadly i don’t know what to tell you to make you like it better, but if you find the answer send it my way please! 🙂

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