I love pie!

Yesterday was another steady run, short 4 miler to accompany the insanity upper body workout.  I’m excited to have a longer run today because running is truly what I love, the rest is just there to make me a better runner.  Today I won’t have to cut the run short to support a strength workout so yay.  Side note: I won’t be cutting the workouts short on strength days in the coming weeks, I just wanted to ease into the Insanity program and not overdo it so I’ll be increasing the length of my workout day runs until I am back to normal running schedule.  But they will stay easy/recovery runs or steady state runs rather than tempo or interval days, those will be in between 🙂  But somewhere between 7-9 today, I’m just going to head out on a new loop and however long it is, great. 


Last night I made pie for dinner!  We had this game mix from an organic farm: venison, quail, and partridge that I decided sounded great in the form of game pie.


Making the sauce/gravy:


I just threw in dark beer, stock, garlic, onions, carrots, thyme, butter, and lemon.  It tasted exactly as I imagined it would, so I was happy.


It’s square and misshapen.  I suck at doing the crust.


My piece 🙂  It was super delicious.  Apparently Joe thought so too because he ate the entire rest of the pie.  I have zero leftovers.  Guess I have to rethink tonight’s dinner plans…


Is recovery beer a thing? I’m declaring it so.  I bought Joe a bunch of award winning beers from around the world for Christmas and I poached one because it just sounded like the perfect accompaniment to pie.  I was right 😉  I was also a tiny bit tipsy because apparently increased running and drinking one drink a month does not lead to any kind of tolerance level.  College me would laugh at this spectacle.  Grown-up me kind of enjoys it.  Shh. 


Do you enjoy a good beer? More of a wine person? Don’t drink at all?

Favorite kind of dinner pie! Or any pie?


17 thoughts on “I love pie!

  1. I always joke that i’m a “cheap date” now because i literally only drink 2 beers or wine on fridays and that’s all i need to be tipsy. it’s totally because of the working out. and yeah 21 year old me would drink me under the table hahah, but 28 year old me can beat her in a race or a push up contest!

  2. I enjoy a glass of wine almost every night; I treat it as my reward for exercising and eating healthy, if that makes sense. And now that my tolerance is so low, it makes me feel nice and toasty and it’s all I need 🙂

    • That sounds lovely! I can’t do it very often because it affects me too much lately and I feel a little dehydrated/headachy on the morning run but I do like ending the day with a glass now and again 🙂

  3. The pie looks so delicious, but I’m a wimp with different kinds of meat. One time I was enjoying a yummy dinner pie and then I found out it was rabbit meat and it made me sad. lol! I do enjoy a good beer, definitely beer over wine! #classy 😉

  4. More of a wine person myself, although I do like a nice hard cider, too. I’m not much of a beer person, although I have noticed that lots of runners really like their beer!

    • I find I’m either in the mood for one or the other but they’re such very different moods. No cider for me but my husband LOVES it, have you tried pear cider yet? That’s his favorite. Stella makes one.

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