I’ve got opinions out the wazoo

So yesterday was a bit nuts because we had a house inspection and spent WAY more time getting everything set for the inspection than the guy was actually in the house.  Oh well.  So I had to wait to run until midday but 8 miles at half marathon pace and NO insanity yesterday.  Very exciting stuff 😉 


We tried to order Chinese for dinner, actually, we DID order Chinese for dinner only to have Joe go to get it and find out it’s cash only and he didn’t have any on him.  I haven’t had Chinese food in literally a full year so I was very much craving it.  Next time 😦  But, all’s well that ends well because we decided to get burgers instead.  YUMMY!


My burger had chili, melted cheddar sauce, and jalapenos on it and because I’m a totally normal human being, I took lime Tostito chips and crushed them up and threw those on as an additional topping.  Crunchy is the best texture 🙂


Sorry for the awful flash phone photos, our room was super dark because we were watching a movie. 


My bbq pulled pork fries.  These things are so addictive.


For some reason, my 70 pound dog decided movie time was snuggle time.


It only lasted a few minutes though because this dog is far too cool for affection and prefers to demonstrate his love by following you around and “protecting” you from things like sounds and wind.  Hugs not allowed.  I usually only get them when there’s a thunderstorm. 


So we watched American Hustle and the funny thing is, I’ve heard mixed reviews and I quite liked it.  Not my favorite movie ever or anything, but I enjoyed watching it and thought it was interesting and acted well (duh, it had Christian Bale).  We heard AMAZING things about 12 Years a Slave and I didn’t love it.  Not that it wasn’t powerful, it was, and the acting was brilliant, but it just wasn’t as good for me as I hoped it would be and I can’t really explain that because it’s one of those intangibles.  Dallas Buyers Club is the one I thought would be overrated because it was so hyped for it’s acting and I figured it was one of those like Traffic or Mulholland Drive that all the critics would love and I’d see and be bored silly and just not “get” it, but nope, not overrated at all and Jared Leto deserves ALL THE AWARDS.   Again, not my favorite movie, but way better than I thought it would be.  Maybe I just have weird taste in movies.  Ok, sorry for all the movie talk but we are so late to this party and I have literally seen Gravity, Dallas Buyers Club, Frozen, 12 Years a Slave, and American Hustle all in the last 10 days and so I am all about the comparisons right now and all opinionated on awards season.  I should go back to not caring about anything but the dresses.  I’m more of an action movie girl anyway 😉


Today’s run: 9 for #megsmiles and Insanity plyo.  Bring on the soreness.


Have you seen any of the “Oscar Bait” movies?  What did you think?

What toppings do you like on your burger?


10 thoughts on “I’ve got opinions out the wazoo

  1. It sounds like you got to watch all those movies at home…HOW?! I haven’t seen any of the movies you mentioned yet, although I’d like to see ALL of them! And I love the puppy cuddle pic – one of my dogs is the same way…totally independent most of the time and doesn’t want any cuddles. My other one can’t get enough of the attention.

    • My dogs are the same, one would cuddle all day and the other would prefer no touching unless it’s on his terms. Which movie is next on your list? I never saw the 2nd Thor but it’ll be on dvd in a couple weeks so I’m super excited 🙂

  2. I have seen none of these movies. In fact, I don’t think I have watched a new release in over a year. The only movies I have watched recently were either Christmas movies or something to keep me entertained while treadmill running. I always watch the awards shows, but only for the dresses.

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