A perfect day for risotto

As usual, Sunday was a very relaxed kind of day.  It was thankfully sunny for my early run and it is again today so I get to do my 4 mile recovery run outside today before coming back home to do the Insanity cardio power and resistance workout.  Works out nicely because even with the double workout, it takes less than 90 minutes so it’s not like it’s my whole morning. 


After my run yesterday, I showered and changed into pajamas because that’s what I do, even though it was still early.  Joe teases me because I go from pajamas to running clothes to pajamas.  I only wear real clothes if I’m going out and we just don’t do that more than once every week or two.  Usually, I’m sitting at my computer writing up my dissertation or on the couch reading endless books as part of my research.  Pajamas are the most comfortable 🙂  Yesterday, I broke in a new pair I got for Christmas.


My awesome mother-in-law sent them, she obviously knows I live in pajamas.  They’re super cute.  If you couldn’t tell, this is what they say:


Clearly you wanted to know all about my pjs.  Ok, moving on.


Because it was Sunday and I actually had the hour to spare it requires to make risotto, I made beet risotto for dinner.


Just getting started.


Starting to plump.


After adding the beets.


Finished product, my dinner 🙂


And I spent the rest of the evening reading my magazine and watching tv with my boy and my pups.



About to head out for my recovery run right now to enjoy this sun 🙂


What did you have for dinner last night?

What do your favorite pajamas look like? I like silly ones, I have cows, bunnies, turtles, etc.


11 thoughts on “A perfect day for risotto

  1. I never thought I would say this… but those beets look amazing! Seriously tho.. We started adding beets to our juice recipes lately, and not only are they very effective at staining clothes, but they are also delicious. Adding them to risotto is pretty genuis IMO.

      • I’ve never cooked them from raw (I hear it’s a bit difficult), but I get the steamed and peeled ready to eat beets from Trader Joe’s and eat them as a side dish or on salads. I really like pickled beets too. I should experiment more with them though!

  2. The beet risotto looks amazing…….are you also a chef? I say that seriously 🙂

    My favourite PJs have polar bears on them. Love them! I spend my days also in PJ’s running clothes and then in either PJs or comfy pants. It’s a runner thing 😉

  3. Cutest pjs! You are turtly awesome! 🙂 I always get reindeer pjs for Christmas from my MIL. Risotto really does require extra time lol, but it’s so worth it. There’s just mucho stirring and adding liquids involved.

    • It definitely needs to be babied but whenever I make it, I’m always glad I did. Love the reindeer pjs! Please tell me you have adorable totally ridiculous pjs all picked out for the little man when he gets here 😉

  4. I was addicted to beets last year. I bought a bunch at the Farmer’s Market and I was the only one who would eat them so I had them every.single.day for a week or so. Needless to say, EVERYTHING was stained red and I had to stop. Haven’t thought about eating one since. haha.

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