Slider has expensive taste

Easy run=not much to chat about.  But it was sunny and beautiful and I’m glad I got such nice weather because it’s getting COLD today.  Yuck.  I used to be such a warm weather fan but after I became a runner, I dreaded the 80 and 90 degree temps because they just suck to run in.  I’d take cold over hot now but I’d keep it right in that 55-70 range for the most part.  50 on race day 😉  Today is interval day which creates this weird thing in my head where I get SO PUMPED to run intervals because my brain tries to tell me that since I only run for a few minutes at a time, it’ll be easy and go more quickly than my other workouts.  I believe this for some reason every single week, until my first stupid interval when I remember that I hate intervals and spend every single interval after the first one convincing myself to stick it out.  Then I finish, and come home like “oh my gosh, intervals are the best! I feel so awesome!” and the cycle repeats.  Even typing this, I’m looking forward to my intervals.  Then you see me on the track and I want to punch someone, except I don’t have the energy.  Wish me luck haha. 


I made mac and cheese last night.  I was going to make butternut squash mac and cheese and be a bit healthier but then Joe freaked out and demanded normal mac and cheese.  I’m not going to say no to excess cheese and fewer veggies, ever.  Oh well, I tried to be healthy, right?  It’s all his fault.


I sort of hate making the roux but it makes the best cheese sauce.


I don’t hate the giant amounts of cheese.


Obviously I was too busy eating to put on a light or a flash.  Oops.  It was delicious though, trust me.  My lurking puppy agrees.


And I made my own creamer today because I usually use the International Delight stuff but I’d like to limit my preservatives and fake sugars and stuff.  It’s so easy and I can make it taste however I want.  This one is vanilla almond flavored 🙂  I just had some in my morning latte and it was delicious.


My husband decided to try a little experiment with the pups while he was snacking on some cheese.  We once offered Slider a choice between his favorite dog treat and a small piece of steak.  He must seriously think that treat is the greatest thing ever because he picked it over steak.  Dummy 😉  So Joe put a chunk of fancy Manchego in one hand and some crappy generic grated pizza cheese (one of those 1$ baggies from the grocery store) in his other hand and let them sniff both before offering them a choice.


Slider went directly for the Manchego.  Obviously a terribly designed experiment so we repeated with switched hands, and with offering him the pizza cheese first.  Nope, every single time he only wanted the Manchego.  Fancy dog 😉


Stevie went for the cheap cheese.  Obviously.  Apparently, she’s a cheap date.  She’s seriously indiscriminate and wants a piece of everything we eat but I still thought given the choice, she’d go for the smellier/yummier one. 



What’s your least favorite run of the week? Or the one you dread the most?

Favorite creamer? 

Favorite cheese?


12 thoughts on “Slider has expensive taste

  1. I don’t dread one run over the other, because sometimes I have a short 3-mile run that’s supposed to be easy and then I feel pretty crappy the entire time and the next day I have a hill workout where I completely rock it. So I try to go into every run being positive and then I usually know a couple miles in if it’s going to be easy or hard.
    How did you make your own creamer?! My favorite is the Intenational Delight Almond Joy creamer. Yum!

    • There are a bunch of recipes online depending on if you want powdered or liquid but I make mine with sweetened condensed milk, almond milk, and whatever flavors I feel like using! Half and half or straight cream with the condensed milk would make it extra creamy, but I don’t bother because im usually drinking lattes anyway 🙂

  2. My dog wouldn’t go anywhere near cheese, but don’t you start cutting a lemon, orange or something like that because he goes crazy.
    I like fresh cheese, I haven’t acquired a taste for smelly cheeses, I think my favorite is a cheese called Catupiry, it’s really creamy, love it!
    As for runs, I hate interval workouts, the thought of it make me sick.

    • A dog that doesn’t like cheese?! My pup accidentally tried a lemon once, she freaked out and started barking at it. Now she runs away if we offer her one! What kind of dog do you have?

      • Mine loves lemons and oranges since he was little.
        Is a Spanish Water Dog, he has a peculiar taste, he loves fruits and veggies, bread and gairy products are like rocks to his eyes.

    • That totally makes sense. I’m usually extra motivated the next day and it’s only after I start and my legs feel like rocks and I realize I don’t have my usual energy that I get disheartened for the rest of the run. I think my brain needs to better realize which runs my body likes and which ones it doesn’t!

  3. I had a little dalliance with intervals last summer. Way wrong time to try something new btw 🙂 I hated every single minute, but you’re right about the high afterwards. I felt indestructible! Love your high class pooch but I can’t believe he picked his usual treat over steak! Maybe he’s a vegetarian?

  4. This was an awesome post….and super well written! 🙂 I was laughing at your ‘interval’ conversation and can completely relate….LOL.

    I can’t even tell you how much I want mac and cheese now, the normal non-healthy version of course!

  5. I am loving the Stevie photobomb in the pick of Slider picking his cheese.

    I love International Delight Cinnabon creamer. Would be interested for you to share your creamer recipe… I am all for knocking out some of the crap they put in the store bought stuff.

    • I do 2 parts dairy product of choice (almond milk this time but single cream, half and half, or heavy cream if I want super creamy) and 1 part sweetened condensed milk (I think my container of it is 14 or 16 oz) and then various extracts to taste. It takes several tablespoons to taste it strongly enough but you might prefer less in your face flavor 🙂 you can buy almond, coconut, cinnamon, etc extracts at the grocery store and experiment!

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