Thanks guys!

First, I just want to say thank you thank you thank you to everyone for all the awesome biking advice.  I know next to nothing about biking (hilarious that I’ve competed in a triathlon, right?) and I definitely didn’t know that thing about keeping your rpm around 90 and probably just would have stuck to grinding out hills or something.  I’m not going to be replacing much run mileage, just moving one short shakeout run to an easy bike instead and cutting a medium-long run of 8 or 9 to more like 5 or 6 midweek and finishing the rest on the bike.  The plan is to increase bike mileage for the next 6 weeks or so while keeping run mileage more or less around the same, then start subbing in some extra run mileage and cutting back on the bike in March when I’m fully adjusted and ready for a higher mileage training cycle for the half marathon.  This means 5 miles today and 12 tomorrow then biking on Monday to kick off the process.  You guys were such a huge help and also so encouraging so THANK YOU 🙂 


I’m going to tell you all a little about my dinner last night because it was basically the yummiest thing ever.  I forgot to thaw chicken but then I remembered that I have shrimp and those thaw super easily so I thought I’d make some quesadillas.  I seasoned the shrimp with garlic, ancho chile, cumin, and ghost pepper salt, sauteed an onion, and seasoned black beans with garlic, lime, and the ancho chile.


Threw the mixture into some garlic and herb tortillas and covered with a decent amount of cheese.


Finish them off in the pan to melt the cheese and then cut and smother in hot sauce and avocado, obviously!


And I went to go blog and found the little girl in my spot like this:



I’ll be running a bit later than usual today because I have to watch some FA cup action in a few minutes 🙂  But really excited for an easy one today, I’m craving some miles but really just feel like heading out without a watch and enjoying myself and taking it easy.  And I think I may make some brunch pancakes after 😉


What’s your workout today?

I’m getting absurdly excited for the Olympics…what’s your favorite winter Olympic event?


16 thoughts on “Thanks guys!

    • I’m looking forward to that too! I was reading about an American girl who is a favorite to win but also crazy instrumental in even getting the sport to the Olympics, she has been campaigning for it for more than a decade. I’m really hoping she does well 🙂

  1. I’m glad you were able to get some good advice about biking (other than my not so great advice)! I’ll be doing 4 miles on the treadmill today. Favorite Olympic sport to watch? Ice skating….and skiing!

    • I got stick on the treadmill too 😦 Which do you like better, male or female skating? I’ve always been bigger fans of the guys just because of the sheer power, I love the crazy high jumps. So I always cheer for the women who are more powerful than dainty and graceful.

  2. I am supposed to run 10 miles today… but it is almost noon and I am still in my PJs on the sofa drinking coffee, so this may or may not happen. Clearly I’m not stressed about it. I am weirdly obsessed with the Olympics. One of my best friends has a cousin that won a gold medal in figure skating in Vancouver, so obviously I feel like I have an inside scoop on Olympic figure skating 🙂 (Even though in all honesty I am just a crazy obsessed person)

      • Haha not weird at all! We can also chat about Stojko or Petrenko (loved him) or perhaps the Rocky routine by Philippe Candeloro? I may or may not have several of these routines recorded on good old VHS 😉 I vividly remember the whole Kerrigan thing and just being in shock, especially when they let Harding compete.

  3. Your dinners always look amazing. 🙂 I think it’s funny how the dogs ‘take our spots’ when we are away from them. Lola always steals my place on the sofa if I get up for a second!

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