I’m about to head out for 12 miles (though still undecided as to whether I’d like to run in rain and serious headwind or tough out 12 on the treadmill. Leaning towards calling it “practicing my mental toughness” and sucking it up indoors).  I was going to post a little recap of week 2 of Insanity and some running nonsense but let’s face it, Insanity week 2 was not much different than week 1 except I’m less sore.  But, I was tagged by the lovely Abi and Sara (thanks girls!) so here we go with a light Q&A on this Sunday morning instead!



The Rules:

1. Post the logo on your blog.

2. Thank the person who nominated you.

3. Answer the questions.

4. Choose other ladies who blog as your nominees

5. Post the links to the nominees’ blogs and notify them on their blog.


So, let’s begin:



1. What is your favorite color? 
Red!! Like a true red.  Our wedding colors were red and gold because red red red everywhere.  Except I don’t wear enough of it, most of my clothes are grey or blue.


2. Favorite animal?

Oh man, I have several.  It’s definitely dogs overall but I like to have “favorite animals” that aren’t in my own home.  We’ll call it favorite wild animals, and it’s tigers, rhinos, and elephants.  Aside: I was like feet from a rhino in the pitch black on a night safari drive in South Africa.  Incredible and scary. 

But then also dogs because this:


3. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

This is going to sound weird…Limeade.  Not only did I order it at restaurants as a kid, but my friend Brenda and I used to have “parties” where we made our own (which naturally had to be accompanied by fresh baked snickerdoodles).  Even when I’m being lazy I take a lime and squeeze it in my fizzy water over dinner.

4. Facebook or Twitter.

Facebook easily, I don’t really “get” twitter.  Though in reality, neither, because the only reason I have Facebook is because I’ve attended so many schools and lived so many places that it’s the only place to keep all my old friends organized and in touch. 

5. Favorite pattern?

This is a weird question…  Um well for winter, I love fair isle but I guess overall argyle?  I don’t really wear patterns.  I have argyle compression socks and an argyle headband so I suppose that’s the winner. Oh, and I have argyle patterned KT tape! Winner for sure.


The actual tape/socks I own.

6. What is your passion?

I would say that I have a lot.  Running, obviously, which has given me passion, determination, ambition, desire, and peace a thousand times over in the last few years.  Animals, which sounds so broad but I’m so passionate about animals and rescuing and it’s a dream of mine and Joe’s to open our own rescue organization someday.  And writing/reading, which sometimes manifests itself in my PhD work and sometimes in creative endeavors but I love discovering new books, new writers, new stories and doing my best to contribute to the narrative.  That last one is a little book nerd-y but sorry, I’m a literature student 😉


My nominees:

I know there are a bunch of people who have probably been tagged already and I just don’t know that so I’m sorry if I get you a second time (or third, fourth, etc)! 


Heather @ Girl Goes Running

Heather is a badass runner who is always posting pics of running in ridiculous snow/wind/ice/etc and she’s also the nicest person ever and I totally want to move to Nova Scotia just to run with her and Heidi (and give our dogs playdates)

Cori @ She’s Going The Distance

Cori is awesome and funny and if I hadn’t moved away from the DC area a year and a half ago, we would have been best friends (and we would have hosted wine drinking parties complete with mario kart tournaments)

Carson @ Running Southern

I love Carson and her crazy FOUR furbaby life and I secretly love her even more because we have just discovered an equally creepy passion for 90s ice skating. 

Heidi @ IdleHide

Heidi probably won’t get around to doing this survey for a while because she literally JUST HAD A BABY.  And she was at the gym just hours before.  She is a rock star and a total sweetheart. 

Jenn @ Runnderlust

Jenn is all super speedy (her 1/2 PR is where I’d like to be!) and a former collegiate runner and has a great perspective on running.  And another Virginia runner, I wish I had found all of you before I moved!!


21 thoughts on “Sisterhood

  1. great post! Red is probably my second favorite color and I remember when I was younger I used to think wearing argyle was the coolest thing ever. Hope your run went well 🙂

    • I’ve never been a fan of prints and I didn’t even realize I had 3 items of argyle until I was asked this question! Run was better than expected for a treadmill run staring at a wall 😉 thanks!

  2. Congrats on your award! I have to tell you, I have an obsession with limeade myself. Well, not at the moment, because it’s too cold to drink it right now (at least in my opinion), but once spring and summer arrive, I go through it like crazy! So good!

  3. Thanks for the tag, lady! Clearly I am dying over those puppy pics. My husband always says that one day we will quit our jobs, move to a farm, and breed german shepherds for a living. The only problem with that is that we would want to keep every single one of them.

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