A fresh new look

Yesterday was a crazy day for me but luckily, it was also my rest day.  I was gone all day and also managed to get a few things done for myself that I’ve been putting off so I’m glad I got it all knocked out at once.


Sunday I did a 12 mile run on the treadmill (NOT my favorite).  The treadmill at my gym looks at nothing, the tv is overhead so you can’t see it without falling off.  The treadmills aren’t across from the mirrors either, they’re facing the wall.  Because that’s normal.  So poor runners have to really work on their mental toughness and run staring at nothing but a blank wall.  Let’s just say 12 miles of that was an exercise in mental strength and it’ll be really really hard to get me down anytime I’m running outside. 

I came home and obviously needed pancakes for a Sunday brunch.


If you don’t add vanilla extract, lemon, and sugar to your pancake batter, you’re doing it wrong.  But I’m also weird and don’t put maple syrup on my pancakes, I like them with flavor on their own and then eat them plain.  With my hands, if you needed a fuller picture.  Yes, it’s abnormal.  But they taste just as good with syrup I’m told by my husband. 


I like to crumple bacon into my last pancake of the bunch.  It’s delicious.  Salty sweet 🙂


That was 80% of my Sunday…run, pancakes, get plenty of “rest.”  a.k.a. sit on the couch and watch True Detective. 


Back to yesterday, no run, but I did get a fun haircut before my meeting!

My hair was super long to start, went all the way to my lower back. It’s actually really thick and naturally wavy too, but I have to straighten it before I go to get it cut.


Please ignore the pajama-sweatpants.  I’m cold all the time, I wear layers of sweats as my pajamas.






Obviously, a gigantic change.  It’s still pretty long obviously for most people, but I lost 6ish inches and so it was pretty drastic!  I love it though.  It feels so light and I can actually wear it in a ponytail now (I have very thick hair and ponytails hurt when my hair was really long, I had to tie it in a low knot). 


Not very exciting to anyone but me 😉  Strangely pumped to do my run today with like half as much hair.  I should shave a few seconds off my times now, right?! 


What’s the most drastic haircut you’ve ever had?  I once cut my hair from my waist to my ears.  Ill-informed. 

Favorite food after a long run?


32 thoughts on “A fresh new look

  1. Favourite food after a long run has to be peanut butter on anything! Actually that’s anytime, doesn’t have to be a long run.
    Although reading about them pancakes has got my tum rumbling 🙂

  2. Poor you! I can’t imagine facing a wall during such a long run. Thankfully, at my gym, each treadmill has a TV in it. And I get super frustrated if I can’t turn it on for some reason, even though I can still look around at the gym. Anyhow, after your example, I’ll be simply grateful for what I have! haha! I also got a haircut on Saturday. I don’t know how, but I went for almost 9 months without it… So I was happy when they chopped off about the same length for me 🙂 PS. It’s a great idea for pancakes, I’ll have to try making them for my hubby! He’ll be delirious from happiness, I’m certain hahah!


  3. i had ridiculously long thick wavy hair my whole life, and last spring i cut it all over.. over 12 inches gone. and then about 2 months ago i cut 5 more inches off (my hair grows at an insane rate) sometimes i miss it a lot, but the change has been fun. experimenting with short hairstyles and all the jazz is a lot of fun.

  4. My hair is down to my belly button and I’m cutting it soon… I’m pretty excited. My freshman year of college my hair was the length it is now and I cut it above my chin, and kept it super short for years, not realizing that it looked horrible and I look so much better with long hair!

    • Ooh good luck with your big cut! That’s what I did, lower back length to ear length but sadly, I realized by the next day that I was not a short hair person. I was miserable until it got past my shoulders. Never again.

  5. I made the same drastic haircut mistake as you! omg my hair never grew in normal again. I swear that’s when my unruly hair problems started. I was in 5th grade and begged my mom for a bob. She tried to get me to change my mind, but I was persistent and stubborn.. with an afro.

    • Hahahaha love it 🙂 and please write that post! I wish I had more photos of my adventures in hair, it’s been every length and every color. But I’ve never been brave enough for Miley Cyrus short, I absolutely need to see that!

  6. that sucks that the treadmill faces the wall. the one in my exercise room faces mirrors, which isn’t that much better but at least I can make intense running faces at myself 😉 I also sometimes eat pancakes with my hands, usually due to laziness.

  7. Ohhhh you hair looks lovely! The cut makes it look lovely and healthy, and I am still jealous of your length 🙂

  8. Not quite a cut, but when I transitioned to wearing locs in high school, that was pretty drastic. I get compliments on my long dreads all the time though now so I win. I think my favorite food after a long run is a beer!

    • Your hair is beautiful! I can imagine it would be quite a change but the look really suits you 🙂

      And who doesn’t love post-run beer?! I love it on long run days, especially since I know I get a rest day or an easy run the next day so I can really enjoy it.

  9. 12 miles on the treadmill with nothing to look at, you are tough!
    I’ve never cut my hair really short but I did have some ill-advised perms back in the day. Mine used to be as long as yours but it just doesn’t grow as fast as it used to.

  10. 1) 12 miles on the treadmill??? You’re a freaking beast! I need your mental toughness. 2) I tend to eat pancakes/waffles right off of the griddle without anything on them too haha. They have to literally be right off though, otherwise I need syrup or jam. 3) LOVE the new hair. You just reminded me that I need a hair cut…

  11. Gorgeous hair! I bet it hurt to run before!
    That sounds like a brutal treadmill set up; I think it’ll do miracles for mental toughness!
    I’ve never thought to put lemon in my pancake batter. I should give it a try! I love fresh fruit and cool whip on my pancakes, or doused in syrup!

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