Apparently I’m experimenting with my running

Super Bowl Sunday was a bit of a crazy day (well, as crazy as a day spent solely running or lazing around the house can be).  I started off with a 14 miler which was nice and slow but I think it’s exactly what was needed, at least I got in the miles.  I’m trying to not get all worked up about pace right now, my motivation is a little all over the place with school stress the last few weeks and getting out and running has really helped but I don’t want to be adding any worries about whether I’m on track for my goals or anything right now so I’m just running the mileage at whatever pace feels best that day.  And I’m not wearing a watch, which is uncharted territory!  At least for extended periods of time and I’ve not known my pace for roughly 3-4 weeks now.  Most of January!  My intervals the other day were probably at about 15 secs too slow but my 8 miler was probably a little too fast, just above tempo pace.  It’s nice to just be running according to feel for a bit, I’ll crack down in my next training cycle so I can reach my goals but I don’t think this is hurting anything and I know for sure it’s keeping me sane.


Okay, small detour over… I came home and wanted to eat everything in the world obviously.


Then I had nachos for lunch which I posted on instagram but somehow deleted afterwards.  Oof.  But sometimes you just really need nachos after a long run and I figured on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s totally fitting. 


I took a little nap which turned into wayyyyy too long of a nap and I woke up just before the game was ready to start so I didn’t have time to make the fun stuff I had planned to make for the game.  Apparently Joe thought it was more important to let me sleep thinking my body must need it…I was grateful but hungry 😉  So we decided to order food instead which made me a little sad because I had all those plans but there is only so sad you can be when pizza is an option. 


Obviously wings are practically a necessity.  We got ghost chili wings because I thought it would be cool to have insanely spicy wings while we were watching.  I was so very very wrong.  I ate 2 and my face felt like it was burning off and didn’t feel normal for another 20 minutes.  My tongue hurts just thinking about it.  If you see those Man v Food challenge wings when you’re out and about, think twice.  I LOVE spicy food but the ghost chili is roughly 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale (measuring chili spiciness) and it’s not messing around.  Habaneros and Scotch Bonnets are some of my favorite ingredients and I even put them in my gazpacho but they are only 1/10 as hot and the heat grows exponentially beyond the habanero.  Whoops.  It was seriously unpleasant.  Good thing I had pizza!


Apparently my head is all over the place today…I haven’t had my coffee yet.  Today is a planned rest day from running but my legs are feeling a little tight so I think I’m going to do a little light biking just to loosen them up.  And just so you all can see what I see while I’m blogging:


There is maybe 6-8 inches of space between me and the side of the couch but Stevie will crush herself into it to be next to her favorite people.  Either that or she sits directly on my lap and I have to hold my elbows out a foot away from my body to type around her. 


Did you go to a Super Bowl party or watch it at home? (or neither I suppose!)

What was the best thing you ate yesterday? The worst?


17 thoughts on “Apparently I’m experimenting with my running

  1. I stayed at home for the Super Bowl and we had all the “classics”: chips & dip, wings, and pigs in a blanket. I got all the stuff to make guacamole but we had so much other food (and I was lazy after running 12 miles) that that didn’t happen!

  2. I just stayed at home for the super bowl. I wasn’t really into either team this year. The half time show was great though! Yesterday I made stuffed shells for dinner. It was amazing.

  3. Stevie is just precious.

    I watched part of the Super Bowl when I got home from work with my husband and his friend before I got bored and went to bed. I made the mistake of picking them up a pizza on my way home from work which was a big mistake because it just so happened that everyone was there during halftime. It was a madhouse!

  4. yummm, all your food from yesterday looks delicious. I like the idea of taking a break from keeping track of your running times, running should be a stress reliever not a stressor itself.

  5. Best part of running a half marathon yesterday- not feeling guilty about eating delicious food (homemade nachos and chicken tenders) afterwards while watching the Super Bowl. Are those onion rings on top of your pizza?? I didn’t know they allowed that much deliciousness all in one spot.

  6. I don’t watch football but I did eat pizza yesterday…a hot Hawaiian pizza that I’ve been trying to copy from a pizza restaurant; it has bbq sauce, chicken, jalapenos and pineapple on it. It came out just like the restaurant’s. Yum.

  7. Lola lays super close to me when I blog as well. 🙂 Stevie is a cutie.

    I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, but did enjoy the Bruno Mars 1/2 time show. The best thing I ate this weekend was pizza, frozen yogurt and nachos. Okay, I ate a lot this weekend!

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