A puppy obstacle course

Yesterday was a rest day from running. I did a REALLY easy 30 minute spin on the bike (mostly because my legs were tight, let’s be real…I’d rather have slept in) and then did Insanity plyo workout after.  Well, did most of it. She likes being in the middle of things:


First, she tried to bring me all those toys that are behind her.  Then, I was in the middle of the “power squats” sequence and she comes and sits directly under my legs.  She was definitely being an indoor dog yesterday and Joe wasn’t feeling well and in bed so she was super attached to me all day.

I forgot to take a picture of Slider because he is most definitely an outdoor-loving dog no matter the weather.  But I found this old one in my email last week and it’s certainly relevant to all the east coast/midwest snow craziness. 


Yes, that is me, waist-deep in snow.  While Slider insists I throw his duck toy for him.  This was back when Virginia and the DC area got 2.5-3ft of snow a few years ago.  Probably 4 or 5 by now.  I just remember the endless driveway shoveling 😦  It required so much energy for him to jump out of the snow and stay near the top that he passed out for hours after every trip outside.  It was brilliant. 


I was too busy sitting in bed reading some of my dissertation research to do much else the rest of the day (hence no actual pictures from yesterday’s outdoor playtime) but I did spend all afternoon eager to make one of my favorite healthy dinners which I hadn’t made in a while.


Mixed veggies (scallions,broccoli, baby corn, thai chili pepper, peas), ginger marinated shrimp, and buckwheat noodles 🙂  I make an easy, spicy Asian-inspired sauce to throw on and call it a day but it is SO YUMMY.  I could actually eat it every day.  And it’s good for you…who knew? You’re all probably in shock that I actually made something healthy instead of eating pizza or tacos. 


About to run (probably on the treadmill?) 12x2min hills at 10% grade with 2 mile warm up and 2 mile cooldown.  I weirdly love hill workouts so I’m a little overeager. 


Do you like snow?  (I only like snow when I’m snowboarding or visiting someplace that is supposed to be snowy, not at home)

Favorite healthy meal?


30 thoughts on “A puppy obstacle course

  1. ouch, that hill workout sounds like it’s going to be a bit painful. I love the snow but at this point I’m ready for spring to come back.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the snow, it prevents me from doing things I like…like going running. That pic of you and Slider is too cute. The first thing I thought when I saw it was “where are her legs?!” Lol.

    • It’s really not very common in VA but we had a huge snowstorm in 1996 with around 3ft and another one a few years ago with nearly as much. This year has been really bad but then we have winters where it’s freakishly warm. I met my husband on a 75 degree day in early February 🙂

  3. holy snow. I thought we got a lot! I made spaghetti squash pasta with shrimp last night and it was sooo good. I do one clean eating recipe a day on my blog. My version of clean that is.

    • That’s an old pic! From our giant blizzard 4 years ago. It just made me smile, I forgot to take a picture of him playing yesterday. You are a far healthier lady than I am! I try to rotate healthy food I know I like so I don’t veer toward pizza every other day but I should steal some of your ideas and try to find new ones!

  4. I am a southern girl, through and through, and hate snow. I don’t even want to visit anywhere where it is snowing. Give me the beach over the mountains any day of the week.

    I am a salad-all-day-every-day kinda girl.

  5. I’m in Southern California. We don’t do snow 🙂 I am cold just looking at that picture!! That veggie noodle bowl looks good. I made something similar awhile back and totally forgot about it until now, but I like your copious use of green onions.

    • I’ll put scallions on pretty much anything 🙂 I think I’d love living in Cali, so many opportunities to be outside and great weather but still mountains to venture to. I’ve been all over the state and it’s just gorgeous.

  6. 1. OMG Bella is exactly the same way! She makes sure she is always next to me when I workout at home. Whenever, I’m lying down on the floor, she HAS to be leaning on me.

    2. I LOOOOOVE baby corn! Anywhere!

    3. Snow… It’s a painful subject for those who live in Canada. Can’t stand it! haha!

    4. Favourite healthy meal? Hmmmm… Healthy? lol!


    • Haha I look at pictures of all these beautiful places in Canada and the snow is so pretty but I know I’d be very unhappy if it snowed that much every year! How much snow do you get where you live?

      • A LOT! Last year we had this day when it snowed over 45cm in Montreal within 24 hours. This year we already had a couple of snow strorms, but I’m sure we’ll have some more since the majority of them are in February. If I lived in one of those places where it snows 2cm of snow once a year, I’m sure I would have loved it though haha! 😀

  7. Your meal looks very delicious! I have never tried buckwheat noodles. Lola always seems to love laying on my yoga mat as well. I do Love snow. it looks so pretty!

  8. I remember that blizzard like it were yesterday. My husband and I were stationed in NC (where it never snows). He left for his deployment and I had decided to move back w/ my parents in PA while he was gone. Three days after my arrival, thats when we were hit. Ugh, what a nightmare Ha Ha! I did get quite an awesome w/o though 🙂 Ha Ha!

  9. Awww your pup is adorable! My dog does the same thing when I do any exercises that require laying on the floor (mostly ab/core work). She lays down next to me so that we are touching and then puts her head on my tummy. And I can’t get mad at her! LOVE the snow, but I also live in an area that doesn’t get snow (if we do, it melts within the hour).

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