Ugh. Oops.

Of course, I decided it was brilliant to run outside.  Of course, I slipped.  I’m 85% sure I broke my pinky toe.  It is very swollen, very bruised, and ice cold.  And it won’t really bend.  Some sketchy google searching tells me that docs say lay off until it doesn’t bother you to run or stay off it for 4 weeks.  I’m sorry but those are two very different things.  If it doesn’t hurt in 2 days, does that mean it’s okay to run on a broken toe?  And 4 weeks for something so tiny and not very painful or relevant to my stride seems very excessive.  I have no idea.  I have found sports med docs and podiatrists online who all say very different things and running forums produce all the same varying responses.  BOO.  Someone tell me what to do.  It’s actually not that painful but it’s cold and numb.  I’m obviously staying off it for the next couple days and either resting or doing non-impact things (bike/swim) but what do I do if it feels “better” after 4 days? It’s a dumb pinky toe.


Anyway…I was upset and took no photos but I have this winner from 10pm last night:


I do a lot of headstands and handstands.  Obviously, I was more tired than I thought last night because I’m all swayed over and pushing my stomach out but I’ve gotten good at holding it and can do it for more than a minute now.  Not as long with a handstand because I have weak little arms. 


And then I made another of my favorite dinners last night (I’m on a roll with amazing food this week)…avocado pasta!  The sauce is just amazing.



And not complete until you grate fresh cheese all over it.  SO YUMMY.  Favorite.  PSA for dog owners who (like me) give their dogs little bits of people food…avocados are NOT okay for dogs, don’t give them anything with avocado on it.  Mine beg for pasta all the time (and like pesto the best…is that weird?) and don’t understand why they get the occasional noodle every other time but not on avocado pasta night. 


I’m going to be looking up some fun swim/bike workouts to break up the monotony of non-running for at least the next few days.  Any advice on my stupid toe is much appreciated. 


Dumbest injury you’ve ever had?

What’s your favorite way to make pasta?


22 thoughts on “Ugh. Oops.

  1. I broke my toe playing soccer and then proceeded to run/bike on it and it didn’t heal for ages so I’m glad to hear you’re taking a wee little break to heal it up. Now my repetitively broken toe has a weird bent shape to it….not pretty!

  2. Oh no! I hope that there is a chance that it’s not broken and simply hurt… I’ve had a lot of dumb injuries. One of the most recent ones, as you probably recall, is falling down the stairs simply because I didn’t see the black ice. It’s crazy how simple it is to get hurt if we don’t pay attention to things around us. Get better soon sweetie pie!


    • My doctor friend told me not to bother with the X-ray since even if it’s broken, there’s nothing that can be done and they’ll just tell me to lay off until it’s better, so that’s what I’m doing 🙂 I’ll blame her if it goes wrong haha.

  3. woah, avocado pasta. That’s a brilliant idea! I’m sorry to hear about your toe, wish I had new advice but I would just see how it’s feeling during the next couple of days. One time I fractured some growth plates in my finger when someone ran it out with a plastic sled……… lame

  4. Broke my pinky during the warm-up of the first game of the season when I played rugby. Just taped it to my ring finger and played through the season… Finally when to the dr and needed 2 pins to fix it.

    • Tough girl! I played through the last 3 weeks of my basketball season with a broken middle finger taped to my ring finger and now I’m just thankful it didn’t require any surgery when I finally got it fixed!

  5. Lol, “it’s just a dumb little pinky toe.” Avocado pasta sounds amazing…especially since I’ve been on an avocado kick lately! Only I went to make guacamole the other day, and 3 of the avocados I bought were bad. I’m usually really good at picking them out, too! Oh, the problems of the world!

  6. Stupid piggy toe!!! Go to a podiatrist that works with lots of runners. It may be worth the copay to know whether it’s broke for sure and what you should do about it. You’re right- staying off it until it doesn’t hurt/taking 4 weeks off are 2 totally different things! Sometimes I hate the internet. Good luck and keep us posted!

    • I don’t have access to that kind of doc where I live right now 😦 that’s why I was looking at podiatrists and docs that work with runners online but still such different advice! A doctor friend confirmed it’s broken without the X-ray and advised me to split the difference, stay off running for at least a few days to a week no matter what and then afterward, run when it feels better. So it’s biking today!

  7. Boo to the toe!!!! I sort of understand with my darn knee bashing. I am STILL going to Physio. 😦 I’ve heard of people doing absolutely crazy normal things with a broken toe. I’d probably do something completely stupid and try to tape it to run….lol. I’m sure this would lead to many many doctor visits….so maybe don’t try that. 😉 Every time I attempt a diagnosis on the internet, I leave feeling very scared and that I might have every condition that ever existed.

    Keep us posted on the toe. And…….teach me to hand/headstand! I totally suck at those.

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