Did you miss me?

I disappeared on you all this weekend!  I have 2-3 more days of non-running activities and actually took both Saturday and Sunday as complete rest days and quite literally stayed all the way off my foot…aka sat on the couch and watched the Olympics ALL day. I basically watched sports and played with my dogs all day.  It was a mental break I needed I guess because I’m all crazy pumped up this morning to be productive again.  I have no running pictures to share with you then obviously, but I did take everyone’s advice Friday and get me some pizza!


And some red jalapeno poppers for good measure 🙂  It was excellent. 

We woke up super early on Saturday for no reason other than to watch the Olympics live.  It felt weird waking up early and not running and I was prepared to be super antsy so instead, I made some amazing waffles and hot chocolate so my tummy would throw a fit if I DID get a little crazy wanting to go out.


Don’t listen to my cup that says “coffee.”  It was irish cream hot chocolate made over the stove and I obviously put sprinkles on it afterwards.  I was definitely not braving any kind of exercise after that so I kept cozy in my pajamas watching the awesome events on Saturday. 

And last night I had a bit of a craving for a pasta I really love but don’t make often–browned butter gnocchi.  It’s pretty sinful but SO GOOD.  Just brown roughly half a stick of butter, seasoned with some sage and salt.  When it’s good and brown, take it off the heat and add roughly the juice of half of lemon (just make sure you get a nice juicy lemon, sometimes I have to use a whole one if it’s not juicy enough).  Put it back on the heat with the gnocchi and stir around, top with a little fresh cheese at the end!


It’s yummier than it looks! 

I just checked my email upon waking up to find my in-laws sent me a bunch of photos from the beach.  They’re cruising for a month and all the sunshine in the pictures is pretty much torture when I look outside.  I won’t be venturing outside but the plan for today: 2 hour bike to make up for missing a long run yesterday.  I’m freaking dying to be running again but probably only because I dislike biking and the pool is really far away.  If I could elliptical, I’d be fine but I’m trying to be super low impact for this healing period.  I’m thinking just a 2 hour ride with hills on the stationary to mimic what I would have done running.  The time probably won’t be equivalent but I really don’t want to ride double/triple the long run distance.  I figure my inexperience on the bike should even things up a bit 😉


Favorite Olympic moment so far?

What was your favorite thing you did or ate this weekend?


33 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. Can you just come and cook for me, please? Everything you make always looks and sounds so amazing.

    Favorite Olympic moment: US taking gold in the men and women’s slope style. I love that we dominated this new category!

  2. geez, you’re food is making me hungry….. except maybe the gnocchi, I don’t think that’s the sort of food that can ever really be photogenic. Hope your toe heals up quick!

  3. OMG! I wish I could eat wipped cream. I love it but stay away from it because it gives me very bad cramps 😦 I’m not even lactose intollerant… Bummer!

    So missy, as you already know, I nominated you for Liebster Award for 3 reasons:
    1. I love your blog!
    2. You’re one cool chica!
    3. I wanna see how you respond to the answers because it took me a while to generate some fun questions lol!



  4. So. Much. Whipped. Cream. I love it. lol. 🙂 And yum gnocchi has to be the best Italian food out there! I like to bake them in the oven after boiling – it gives them a nice texture. It’s too bad I still can’t figure out how to pronounce the word. lol.

  5. Watching the Olympics is basically like working out yourself. That’s what I’m telling myself after doing the exact same thing this weekend 🙂 My 2 favorite moments so far were watching Sage Kotsenburg win gold in slopestyle and Carolina Kostner’s long program. He was so chill, gnawing on his gum and having a good time, and she was flawless and graceful. Least favorite: the poor girl from the Czech Republic wiping out on slopestyle. Sounded like a watermelon hitting the ice and made me cringe so hard!! Holy crap!

    • I love the way Kostner skates! So beautiful. I got a really serious concussion from a snowboarding accident (which also broke my nose) and couldn’t see straight for 3 weeks so that crash brought back terrible memories, especially when you saw her helmet split open. I really hope she’s okay and got the all-clear from the docs and doesn’t have any lingering nastiness!

  6. I like your style with whipped cream 😉 and pizza. Oh man I didn’t get any this weekend and I wish I had. I’m hoping Friday I can attempt some of the homemade stuff. Oh, and no running. I can’t imagine 2 hours on a bike but I’m glad you listened to your body and took the weekend to rest!

    • 2 hours on a bike was not my idea of fun but I sort of feel like a superhero now that it’s done haha. P.S. I actually thought of you while making hot chocolate since you are the only person I “know” who drinks it as much as I do.

  7. Haha your weekend looks amazing! I find that I always crave “lazy” weekends when I’m super busy, but when I actually take a lazy weekend I get bored and want to run or something. Oh grass, how you look so much greener over there. Glad you took it easy! I hope the toe is healing nicely!

    • I crave runs if I miss them for more than a day but I definitely get antsy about wanting to go out and be social if I’m just hanging at home and if I’m out too often in a week, I get all exhausted with it and just want to hide at home. Grass is greener!

  8. OMG, all that food sounds SO yummy! You’re going to have to stay tuned to my blog because I have a recipe for a different type of pizza that I am posting JUST for you, and Nikki over at Will Run for Pizza! I can’t wait to share it…and can’t wait to hear about what you think of it, if you choose to make it. 🙂
    I just started watching the Olympics last night (yes, hubby and I broke down and stopped boycotting), and so far my favorite part was watching Julie Mancuso kick @ss while skiing.

    • I was so stressed watching her slalom portion after her awesome downhill! Trying to guess how much of the one second lead had gone but soooo happy when she got that bronze! Can’t wait to see your pizza recipe 🙂

    • Love it!! My parents eat it every single Friday and always have so I grew up thinking eating pizza every week was the way life had to be. It wasn’t too hard to convert my husband to the cause 😉 So glad to find another pizza lover!!

  9. Love the amount of whipped cream you use, there’s just no other option! Delicious looking gnocchi, I am craving pasta lately, too. I’m not back to running just yet, so it’s kind of a dangerous slope lol. Favourite olympic moment so far was Alex B. winning us a gold medal in the mogul, he’s my top Olympian I think!

  10. I really want hot chocolate now! 🙂

    Canada has been doing very well in the Olympics so far….which is super exciting. It’s no wonder though since we live in a Winter Wonderland. 😉 Alex Bilodeau got another gold again after his 2010 gold, which was pretty exciting!

    I think you’re being super smart with your toe. 🙂

    • Canada is kicking butt! That moguls run was insane but I think my favorite Canadians and one of the coolest Olympic stories was the Dufour-Lapointe sisters. 3 in one event is crazy and 2 getting medals is so awesome. The winner was adorable when she realized she got the gold 🙂

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