The vortex

I’m already Olympics obsessed but with a week of no running, I got 100% sucked into the vortex that is constant live Olympics coverage.  Oops.  I’m back, I promise 🙂  Mostly because yesterday I did this:


Pain-free run! Woo! Super short and easy, around 30 minutes but I wasn’t wearing a watch so no idea how far or how fast.  Just wanted to do a little test 🙂  SO HAPPY.  Weather still sucks so since I want to go longer today, I’ll probably be indoors.  But officially back on the running wagon!  I’m far too excited, please excuse the rambling.

I obviously had to celebrate with some cake.


I made a bundt cake so it would look like a ring.  I was going to do food coloring and such and pretend it was an Olympics ring but I didn’t have any.  Sprinkles are always an excellent decision though. 


Speaking of the Olympics, there has just been so much to love.  Our ski slopestyle dominance was tremendously fun to watch and that guy landed a triple cork 1440 like it wasn’t even hard.  Just the idea of skiing backwards intimidates me so I was in awe of their crazy skills.  It was hard to watch Shaun White not get the snowboard halfpipe medal but when the gold medal winner made his run, Joe and I went nuts.  It was crazy fun to watch and he so deserved it, and seems like a really genuine guy.  Maybe because I’m so competitive and really hard on myself when I lose things but I’ve been so amazed by the way the athletes interact with each other after a win/loss.  I actually think it’s more obvious with the more extreme sports than with the “classic” sports but they seem so genuinely thrilled for other people to experience the win and so appreciate of the runs they’ve put down rather than focusing on their own shortcomings.  It’s just really cool to me and I could probably stand to take a lesson from it, I’ve been known to not speak to Joe for a couple hours if he beats me at Monopoly. 

Two of my favorite non-winning moments? 

Jeremy Abbott of the USA in the short program figure skating yesterday.  He fell HARD, I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a skater go down like that.  He crumpled up against the board for a good 15-20 seconds and I thought they were going to have to carry him off.  Visibly hurt, he got up and skated through the remainder of his routine, clearly just gutting it through his jumps.  He scored well enough to go to the free skate, but the amazing thing was the standing ovation he got when he finished from the nearly all-Russian crowd for his courage.  He was obviously moved by it because he kept mouthing “thank you” over and over and shaking his head and blowing kisses and bowing to the crowd.  He thanked everyone for their support over and over while he was waiting for his scores and it was fantastic. 


Anton Gafarov in the cross-country skiing semi final.  If you didn’t see it (not all of you are insane and like to watch ALL Olympic events like me), he was skiing on the slushy course and fell on a corner where pretty much everyone falls.  His ski broke, and even though the rest of the field were FAR in front, he continued to ski on his broken ski to finish the race.  Then, his ski completely shredded under him and he was trying to keep going on one foot.  Watching it live, it seemed to go on forever and I just felt terrible for him trying to finish his Olympic dream.  A Canadian coach then brought him a replacement ski so he could finish the course.  He finished several minutes behind everyone else and didn’t make the final but it was unbelievable and for me, what the Olympics should be about. 


I’ll leave you with some pictures from my delicious dinner Wednesday night (last night I just had soup!), because I’m currently obsessed with making homemade Mexican food.


I’m in love.  So good.  I’m still trying to figure out what I’m making tonight or if we’ll do the Friday night pizza thing.  Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, but in the 9 Valentine’s Days we’ve had together, I think we’ve done something maybe twice.  My birthday is in 2 weeks and our anniversary shortly after and we just finished all the holiday nonsense.  It just feels like too much, and it’s such an arbitrary holiday anyway. 


Okay, Olympics watchers…favorite non-winning moment so far?

Plans for tonight?

On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you that I’m running again? KIDDING!



34 thoughts on “The vortex

  1. I think that Jeremy Abbott standing up and still rocking the rest of his short program is my favorite non-winning moment. Also, Evegeni Plushenko realizing that he needed to drop out of the men’s competition and saying goodbye to everyone for the last time. Gah that got to me.

  2. 10! No really, I’m glad you’re good to run again 🙂 You’re olympics recaps kind of make me wish I had cable to watch them, I love it when competitors support each other.

  3. Ahh I watched Jeremy Abbott last night, too! He did incredibly well for how hard he fell- truly exhibiting the spirit of an Olympian!

    OM NOM cake! Delicious! Happy running (obviously we are all thrilled for you to be back on the roads or the ‘mill!)

  4. haha It’s totally a vortex! At least it’s only two weeks right?! Otherwise, I might never leave the house. I’m glad you’re able to run again and as per usually, you’re food pictures look delicious and now I’m craving cake 🙂

  5. If you don’t have pizza tonight, I’ll be having some for you so don’t worry. I’ve got ya covered. YAYYYYY for pain free running! Cake is the perfect way to celebrate 😉

  6. Yay for a pain free run! I’ve been a little broken-hearted about some if the non-medal moments, but Shaun White, Shauni, and last night in men’s figure skate. Really buns me out – I wish everyone could achieve their dreams!

  7. I cringed so hard for Jeremy Abbott. In dance, I was always told that no matter what happens, the show must go on. I thought he was done FOR SURE when he laid on the ice for a few seconds. I bet his mind was racing and those were the longest 5 seconds of his life. He blew me away when he finished, and a strong finish at that. Good for him showing that kind of resilience and putting on a great show 🙂

  8. YAY! So glad you ran pain-free!! Those athletes that experience SNAFUs and don’t give up- amazing in my book. I just want to give them hugs lol. I’m fairly certain you should make all my food decisions for me. Reason #73 being, “Sprinkles are always an excellent decision.”

  9. Yay, Welcome back on the Running wagon!!! I think cake and Mexican food is the most fantastic way to celebrate! 😀

    Plans for tonight….heart-shaped pizza! I’ve been thinking about it all week.

  10. I definitely cried for Jeremy Abbott. Truly an amazing moment that epitomizes the Olympic spirit. I also cried when Plushenko injured himself and couldn’t continue on. Watching the Olympics while on steroids is a new experience for me and my emotions haha

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