A low-key Valentine’s Day

As I predicted yesterday morning, we had a very relaxed Valentine’s Day.  Our dogs were a big fan.


We spent most of the day hanging out watching the Olympics while the pups slept.  I got a bunch of my reading done during the curling so I was free for the excitement of the figure skating and women’s aerials.  Yesterday’s favorite moments: Abbott’s free skate redemption and the women’s aerials winner from Belarus…34 years old! Those girls were throwing some insane tricks and everyone kept saying how her even being in the final was a surprise and she goes and wins.  There were some really good events on when I woke up and I knew I wanted to watch aerials and skating live later so I timed my trip to the gym when curling was the only thing on.  Please tell me that’s normal haha.  6 treadmill miles to get me back into the swing of things and Ab Ripper X when I came home.  I’m not back on Insanity until Monday but just so you know, I’m doing P90x abs instead of Insanity abs throughout the program, I just like them better.  I’ve been doing the p90x abs for a few years since I finished the program.  I’ve been switching things up at least once a week with a NTC ab workout instead 🙂  In case you can’t tell, core is my favorite thing to work and always has been.  I have to be convinced kicking and screaming to work out anything else but I would do abs forever.  Funny fact: I once skipped gym when I was 11 because we were doing a rotation of a few weeks at the pool to swim for PE and I was NOT going to swim during school then again at practice after school.  But I felt guilty doing nothing while my friends were swimming so I decided to see how many situps I could do.  I got to over 1000 before I decided I didn’t need to know if the number was higher and ate potato chips while I waited for them to come back.  Apparently, I was pretty much exactly the same as I am now. 


Joe was thinking pasta or burgers most of the day for our dinner but I managed to convince him that pizza was the way to go 😉 Woohoo!


Toppings: pulled pork, garlic oil, lime zest, fresh cilantro, red jalapenos.  SO FREAKING DELICIOUS.  Don’t worry, I put onion rings on it after the picture.  You don’t think I can eat pizza without onion rings now, do you?  We had game night and Joe won 7 games of UNO to my 3.  Frustrated is an understatement, good thing there was red wine. 


The speed skating is on right now so I won’t be hitting the roads too early, I’ll probably wait another hour until it’s over.  Easy 5 or 6 again today, but the question is, what do I run tomorrow?  Do I run the planned long run or wait because I took that week off?  I’m thinking cut it short but I also know that barely any fitness is lost in a week so I’m not sure it’s a terrible idea to run 14ish.  You can vote in the comments 😉


Weekend plans?

Favorite games that 2 people can play?

14 miles or 7 miles tomorrow?


33 thoughts on “A low-key Valentine’s Day

  1. Probably better to keep it shorter for another day just to make sure everything is 100%. Then again I’m the type of person to say I’m going to take it easy and then be like, heck with it, I’m getting in my long run. In other words, don’t listen to what I say 😉

    • Haha I’m going to say I’m going out shorter but I almost always decide to do the extra amount once I’m out there so I like to have a plan in advance to force myself to follow 😉

  2. A and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight for dinner after he wakes up and before he goes to work. We love to play Rummy together when we don’t have anything going on.

    I vote to go for the 14 miles!

  3. I’m kind of having the same conundrum…I missed three days of running in a row this week because I was sick, and now I’m not sure if I should do my planned 14 miles for this week, go back to running 13 again, or just take it easy. I think I’m going to wait and see how I feel tomorrow…

  4. We had pizza last night too. Definitely the best Valentine’s Day dinner. And probably keep it shorter for another day, just in case!

    • I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I do make my own pizza a lot of the time but this isn’t mine sadly, we have a pizza place close by that is really creative and fun and they came up with this genius!

  5. I don’t know how you could get any reading done during the riveting non-sport of curling 🙂 Jeremy Abbott’s redemption was amazing! I was so so proud of him. Ryan and I were tired of movies and TV a couple weekends ago and got down with wine/whiskey and a game of chess. Major nerd alert, but it was actually a fun night.

    • Haha I love game night so I’m totally not one to comment on nerdiness! I actually had game night with my sorority sisters every Thursday so I’ve been nerdy for ages 😉 I wouldn’t dare play anyone in chess though, I’d get my impatient butt kicked!

    • It’s the leading vote getter so I think it sounds like a great plan. I’m going to aim for 10 and if my foot is still feeling great, I can always run as much of the extra 4 as I want :). Thanks girl! Enjoy your sunshine!!

  6. You make me want to get cable and watch the Olympics! I feel so left out. I have managed to watch a little on my parents’ TV, so at least there’s that. I think everyone must have had pizza last night, and so did me and Jeremy. It was the best idea ever.

  7. I say average the two-do 10.5 miles! That’s likely what I would do (Actually, I would probably go 14, knowing me, but I SHOULD have done a bit less) 🙂

  8. Ugh!! Joshua beat me last night in our game of Farkel. We usually play cribbage, farkel, rummy 1500, casino or buckshot… and always have 5 minute massage bets on the line :).

    ps.please tell me that’s not an Ohio St. something on your table?? LOL

  9. The pizza I had last night didn’t look anywhere near as good as yours. P90X Ab Ripper is killer. It’s been a while since I’ve done any P90X. I had burnt copies of the DVDs (sshhh) and they crapped out on me.

    I’m not going to tell you how much to run. lol. but enjoy it:-)

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