More than you ever wanted to know

I delayed doing these for a while because I didn’t want to overload you guys on random personal info but Heather, Olena, Lis, and Sweet Timbre were super kind to give me a shout-out in their Liebster Award posts and took the time to create questions so I want to make sure I answer them!  And I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses so be prepared to learn a little more about me…or a lot, because instead of 11 questions to answer, I have 4 girls and 44 questions to address!

Heather’s questions:

1. What is your favorite distance to run?  Half-marathon!  Maybe it’ll change as I learn to be better at racing different distances, I have a definite problem learning to “race” a race rather than just tempo it. 

2. When did you start running? When I was 22! The running bug bit me fast, I was running most days of the week almost immediately 🙂

3. What is  your favorite brand of running shoe? Brooks!  Pure Project line, but especially the original Pure Cadence.  I’m still working my way through my stash of those, I’m obsessed.

4. Solo Runner or Buddy Runner? I’d love to be a buddy runner, that’s how I started, but I run solo every day and have since my 2nd year running.  No runner friends 😦

5. Favourite post-run snack? Toast with honey, avocado, garlic, and poached eggs

6. What made you start blogging? See above “no runner friends.”  I had been lurking on some blogs and loved reading all the comments and thought it would be so great to connect to other runners since NO ONE I know runs.  My husband doesn’t run either, so it’s so nice to be able to talk about running and not have people’s eyes glaze over haha.

7. Do you have a pet? If so what kind?


My 2 babies, Slider (right), a Norwegian Elkhound, and Stevie, a Norwegian Elkhound/Australian Shepherd mix.

8. What is something not related to fitness that you think others don’t know about you? Many things, but let’s go with I have weird picky habits when it comes to meat.  I hate sausage and ham among others, the ham thing makes Christmas and Easter interesting for our families.  My parents stopped serving ham as an option when I was very little because I just refused to eat it.

9. What is your favourite TV show? This is actually really hard.  Ever, Friends.  Easily.  Now? Scandal maybe? Castle? It changes every year because some seasons are just bad.  Last year it was Homeland but this season was nowhere near as good.

10. What do  you do with your race bibs? PRs go in a binder with stats and photos from the race.  Maybe I’ll make a wall of all future bibs though 🙂

11. What is a pre-race ritual you have? None, really. 


Olena’s Questions:

  1. What are the fondest memories from your childhood? It’s hard to designate one particular kind so I’ll say spending my weekends on the soccer field because I still miss it every single time I pass a field.
  2. If you could go back and visit any time period, what time would you travel to and why? Ok, to live in is so different from visiting so for a visit, I’m going to say something in the 1780s-1830 range but in England.  It’s the time period I deal with in my research and it would fascinate me to visit.  Would NEVER want to live then though.  1960s to live.
  3. Name a gift you will never forget? Many, my husband is pretty good at gifts.  I particularly enjoyed my new snowboard our 2nd Christmas together.  My parents also let my friend and I skip school for a week for our 18th birthdays because her parents offered to take us to the Bahamas.  WIN.
  4. What is one thing you really like about yourself? This is going to sound snotty but my intelligence. 
  5. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? HA! How do you determine what is weirder?  Alligator? Kangaroo? Kudu?  I’m going to say Kudu maybe because even though it was more delicious than other weird things I’ve eaten, it is also an animal you don’t come across often plus I did it in South Africa which was totally my favorite vacation.
  6. What is one of the things you would put on your Bucket list?  I have a huge one that has a decent number of things already crossed off but the thing I want to do most that is still outstanding is visit Antarctica 🙂
  7. Where is the worst place you could get stuck? Easily out at sea.  Like out of a boat, just floating.  Worst nightmare, I’d probably have a heart attack just thinking about the sharks.
  8. What is your biggest addiction? I don’t know that I have one. 
  9. When I dance, I look like…? Hopefully pretty decent, I took dance from ages 4-18 😉
  10. What is your life motto? Don’t really have one! 
  11. If you were famous what would you be famous for?  Hopefully, writing.  But in my dreams, being a pop star 😉 I always wished I could sing.  I’d be an excellent pop star if only I could sing haha.

Lis’ Questions:

1. How long have you been running for?  See above!
2. What’s the furthest distance you’ve ever run? 26.2 twice 🙂
3. What’s your p.r.? In what?  My best one is just under 35 for 10k.  I’m so not that fast right now.
4. Where’s your favorite place to race? I’ll say Columbus.  I did the marathon there and it was so great running through my college town and getting the cheers from everyone, that place feels more like home than most of the races closer to my hometown.

5. Where’s your least favorite place to race? I’ve never run one that I disliked!  Though, unpopular opinion, I would absolutely HATE a race like the NYC marathon.  Too many people, too crowded of a city.  I hate cities in general, I’d much rather run a smaller race that is a little more isolated.
6. What’s your favorite time of year to go running?  Easily fall.  Temps still warm enough but a nice crisp breeze and the falling leaves smell amazing.  I’m now missing fall and it’s a million years away.
7. What’s your favorite “naughty” food to eat that you don’t mind sneaking in on long run days (we all have one!)? DUH. Image
8. If you could enter a race ANYWHERE, which race would it be? Oh, that’s hard!! I’ll say Annecy because I just love it there. 
9. What’s your favorite running song?  Haha Country Grammar by Nelly.  RIDICULOUS, I’m aware 🙂
10. Do you have any pets? If so what kind and how many?  Excuse to post more pictures of these cuties: ImageImage
11. Name one hobby you enjoy other than running.  Cooking 🙂  That sounds better than eating, right?

Sweet Timbre’s Questions:

1) If you had to live in another country, where would you live and why? I actually have lived in other countries!  Twice 🙂  A summer in France after college and in England for 3 years.  I would move back to France in a heartbeat and I could easily live in Switzerland. Love love love.  France is gorgeous, the food is fantastic, the language is beautiful, and I’ve always enjoyed myself on every trip there.



From my most recent trip to Paris, 1.5 years ago.  I’d live in the Alps or a small town in the Loire Valley or Provence areas though.  Definitely rural, no Paris.  Love it there but I can’t handle all the people for more than a few days.

2) What is your biggest irrational fear?  SHARKS. 

3) Is the glass half full or half empty?  Half full for sure!

4) If you could pause time for a moment, what moment would you choose?  This is impossible.  I’ll go back to the week of my wedding, because everything was perfect and I wish it had lasted longer than a week.

5) What superpower have you always wanted?  Teleportation.  I love to travel so I have to take long flights but I hate them.  I’d love to just be able to zap myself there.  Fun fact: I was sick of the long walk from our car in DC one day to the museums and I told Joe “I wish I had a teleporter…or a vespa.”  I’m flexible, apparently. 

6) When was the last time you did a happy dance?  Literally?  I don’t know!  Maybe when I got into my PhD program? 

7) What inspires you?  Many things.  Good books, fast runners, people who do things to help others/animals. 

8) Do you have a goal for 2014? If so, how to you plan to reach it?  I want to run a sub 1:30 again (it’s been a few years).  I’ve got other goals but I’ve got to reach that one first!  I have training plans all worked out and the biggest issue is remaining injury free so I’m working on strength training and stretching/foam-rolling more than ever before.

9) Why do you blog?  See above!

10) What hobby do you enjoy the most?  Running, but see above for others 🙂

11) Everyone has weird quirks. What is one of yours?  I’m very plan-oriented.  I love planning out travel and plan fake trips in my head and I’m SO READY for any one of 10 destinations that might be our next trip.  But when I have a plan in mind, even for something small like dinner, if it doesn’t happen, it’s catastrophic.  I get super upset and don’t want to do anything at all, i.e. dinner doesn’t go perfectly and then I don’t want any dinner at all so I wait hours trying to hold off but then get hungry and end up having soup and grilled cheese or whatever I can make at 10pm.  It’s no good.  So Type-A. 


Ok, if you read all of that, you’re a hero.  Sorry for the overload but I really thought I should respond to those lovely ladies who acknowledged me 🙂  Your reward is a picture of where we all wish we were right now:


Those legs in the background are not some feminist statement, those are my buddy Craig’s legs 😉



Answer any of the above questions!

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate me for answering all of those? haha.

If you could teleport anywhere today, where would you go?


27 thoughts on “More than you ever wanted to know

  1. Haha I asked the question about pets just so I could see lots of doggie pics! If I could teleport anywhere, it would be to a race that’s far away so that A) I don’t have to get up at 4 a.m. And B) I can skip having to deal with parking/the shuttle situation.

  2. I’m the same with planning! I’m not type A in any other aspect of life, but I am obsessed with planning things and get a rush out of it. Where in England did you live for three years?

    • Haha I don’t think they were that interesting, I’ve got some doozies for future “fact Friday” days though 😉 but you’re totally my hero for reading all of those! I took everything but ballet, I lasted like 3 weeks in ballet at age 5 and demanded to quit. I did jazz, tap, modern, and hip-hop until 18 and taught hip-hop for a year too.

  3. I love reading these things- totally allows you a glimpse into someone else’s background! I would like to teleport for the afternoon to somewhere tropical (yet nowhere I have been before) and enjoy some humidity, bird sounds, and swim. My skin is dry and we are getting another 8″ of snow today…. I’m done with winter!

  4. Don’t ever apologize for putting your intelligence up there. You’re working hard and paying good money for that Phd. I would be over the moon proud 🙂 If I could live in another country, it would be Thailand. Although your Greek islands at the end there would be a pretty close second!!

  5. I’m sorry, I blanked out everything after I read 35 minute 10k pr, due to shock. You should make sure that goes on your tombstone when you die 😉

    • Haha don’t worry, I’m nowhere close to that anymore! I’d secretly love to beat it one day but I also can’t even remember what it feels like to run ONE mile that fast anymore 😉

  6. Wow, hats off to you for answering 44 questions! :0 Now I want to go to a beach. 🙂 I also want to put my PR bibs in a binder. Currently, they are stashed in a bag in my closet…lol.

  7. Wow thanks for taking the time to answer all of those questions! I would totally choose teleportation over any other superpower also – long plane rides are the worst. I’ve flown to Asia from Washington DC a number of times and every time wish I could teleport.
    P.S. Your dogs are adorable!

    • Thank you! They are sweethearts 🙂 I haven’t flown to Asia but I’ve flown from DC to South Africa and DC to Australia and could’ve used a teleporter like crazy! What are your favorite places you’ve visited in Asia?

      • Wow those are crazy long flights also! I’ve always wanted to go to South Africa and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is on my bucket list! I’ve flown to East Asia three times and visited South Korea, southern China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. I lived in Hong Kong for a couple months and loved exploring the hiking trails in the New Territories. I’m not a city person so it was great to escape the crowds once in a while.

  8. Mmm, that pizza looks good! I started blogging for the same reason, and then found an awesome running buddy through blogging! Unfortunately, we moved and I’m back to looking for buddies.

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