An Idea

Yesterday’s speedwork was brutal.  As you all know, 800s are my least favorite thing ever.  I survived though, 8×800 and I feel stronger today but I can’t say I felt that way during.  And I definitely noticed in the last two that my form was slipping just a bit because my shoulders were tense and my upper back wasn’t supporting me quite as much as I needed it to and it got me thinking.

So I had an idea stemming from that little thing I mentioned a week or two ago about how I really wish I could do a real pull-up.  I can do a decent amount of push-ups but it’s only a decent amount in comparison to my friends, who can do like 10.  I definitely can’t crank out a truly impressive number or anything.  But both push-ups and pull-ups are so great at general strengthening and it wouldn’t hurt to be better at both of them, in fact it would probably help my running to have a stronger back to support me in my distance races and stronger arms and core to keep my form in tact.  So what if we have ourselves a little contest?  And we try to train ourselves to do as many



and pull-ups


as possible by the end of the contest?  Everyone can submit little phone videos of themselves doing the exercises and I will arrange prizes to be awarded at random to anyone who entered the contest and potentially a bigger prize to the one who is declared the winner!  We will all get a bit stronger and who doesn’t love prizes? 


Don’t worry if you can’t do any now, I can’t even do one pull-up!  I’d be thrilled if I could even get one or two so this isn’t about being the one who can crank out 20 pull-ups and 200 push-ups by the end (though that would be freaking AWESOME), it’s about getting stronger for YOU and that’s why the prizes will be random. 


Sign up by commenting below and saying you’d like to try it!  List a goal if you want, mine is two pull-ups and 100 push-ups.  If you don’t have a blog that you comment with, send an email to and I’ll sign you up.  I have a few ideas for prizes but once I see how many people are interested, I will get that officially figured out. 


If you don’t want to play, comment telling me about your workout yesterday!


40 thoughts on “An Idea

  1. love this idea! I’ve been trying to get my pullups in the double digits since what feels like forever. So I’d say 10 pull-ups and maybe 60 pushups. How long would the contest go for?

    • Yay! 10 is insane, you are a beast 🙂 I’m thinking the contest will run for “spring” and finish on the first day of summer in June, which means it would give us about 16 weeks which sounded nice, like the length of a training program 😉 It kind of has to be a little longer than a month to give us time to build up!

      • ok, in that case I’ll try to hit 75 pushups. Which does not seem pleasant but since you’re going for 100 I feel a little inspired to push myself 🙂

  2. I love it! My goal would have to be like 10 pushy-ups and 1 pull-up because I really have no upper arm strength. But I think I could make this doable while I’m not able to run (hopefully that’s not for too long).

  3. LOVE it! I have been meaning to work on this, too. Motivation! Sign me up! I want to be able to do at least 1 proper pull-up- and 100 push-ups sounds good. (I’ll be starting from a base of 12 in a row, with no breaks. I can usually do a few sets of 12- but I do other things in between)

  4. That’s a great idea! I’m pretty sure I can still do a handful of pullups – I’m also pretty sure I’d be sore for a week 🙂 And now I’m just scared because Olena is going to do 15 pull-ups!

    • You have a while before the contest is over and you don’t need to state your goal beforehand, it’s just to give myself something to aim for 🙂 just train them harder than you usually would and we will do the videos and prize draws in June!

  5. I’d love to enter the contest. There’s nothing I like more than a contest.
    However, my shoulders have given up on me, I have injuries thanks to volleyball so I can’t do any pull-up, I can do a few push-ups but then my shoulders complain the rest of the week.
    I’d keep an eye on this tho, I wanna see how it ends.

    • Joe just told me I’ll never be able to get 100…game on, b*tch! Haha. Do it with us! It doesn’t matter how many you get, just give it a shot. I can’t even do one pull-up, actually I can barely do the “flexed arm hang” that is supposed to be an easier way to pass a pull-up test. They laughed at me in the rock climbing gym 😦 lol

  6. This is a great way to work on upper body strength. I think I’ll aim for one pull up and 50 push ups. Maybe it’ll help my climbing. Olena is a beast – 15 pull ups – that is seriously impressive.

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  8. Such an awesome idea! My goal will be 1 pull up! LOL. And for some reason whenever I do a push up, my elbow cracks…weird I know. I will aim for 50 pushups…look how impressive that is! 😉

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