Switching it up

My training cycle for my next goal race (a half marathon at the end of May) starts in 9 days.  I’m going to switch things up a bit and just run easy for the next 9 days.  I’m not sure if this has any physiological benefits, but I’m thinking it will recharge me mentally and get me super excited for the hard training if I lay off hard efforts for a little over a week.  So I’m heading out for an easy 4-5 miles after breakfast. 


I’ve been on a huge avocado kick lately.  I get in random moods where I want to eat one food all the time, and I love avocados and eat them fairly regularly anyway, but lately I’ve been wanting to put them on everything.  Two nights ago, Joe fell asleep super early so I was on my own for dinner and didn’t feel like making my planned Indian meal to eat by myself so I had soup and grilled cheese instead, because I’m five.



I repainted my nails five minutes after I ate because I hated how chipped they were in this picture.


Yup, I put the avocado in my grilled cheese.  Add some sauteed onions in there too, it’s delicious.  And a little garlic.  You know when Phoebe calls Monica’s food “pretentious comma garlicky” (yes I had to spell it out, that’s how she says it in the show if you’re not a fanatic like me)?  Well, that’s my food.  If you can’t taste garlic in every bite, I didn’t cook it.  I get asked what the secret to my yummy Thanksgiving potatoes are…unless you REALLY want to know that there are three entire bulbs of garlic in there, don’t ask. 


And last night, I decided I was in the mood to be healthy (which is always easier after an easy run than after a long run/speedwork somehow).


Yes, my plate is half veggies.  It’s a miracle.  Plus quinoa, avocado (obviously), and a crusted fishcake. 


I’m so glad so many of you are in for our contest!  I’m beginning my push-up/pull-up training today and we shall see how that goes.  My plan is to do 50 push-ups (split up into 2-3 sets) and 2-3 sets of 8-10 assisted pull-ups 3 times this next week.  I’ll increase the number of push-ups every week and try to decrease the amount of “assistance” on my pull-ups every week until I can do one unassisted.  I’ll let you all know if I make any progress at all on the pull-up front.  I’m hoping I can at least crush the push-up portion though so I don’t fail my own challenge!  And stay tuned, I’ve gotten some good news regarding giveaways so I’ll be revealing those in the next week or two 🙂


Are you currently on a training plan?  If not, are you starting one soon?

Describe your cooking style in five words or less.


36 thoughts on “Switching it up

  1. Well what do you know, another garlic lover! I really love mashed potato with garlic and/or shallots blended throughout. I’m not risky with grilled cheese though, lol. I’m pretty much a plain Jane when it comes to that. You said it bang on about how it’s easier to be healthier following an easy run than a long/hard one. Boy I cannot control myself post long-run!

    • Oh man, I love experimental grilled cheese. There is a grilled cheese restaurant I love a couple hours from where I went to college that puts things like mac n cheese into grilled cheese. I am so out of control food-wise after long runs or really hard speedwork. I had a burger after my 8x800s with every topping I could think of!

    • I’m always “training” but not always following a dedicated plan. I try to take 1-2 weeks of unstructured running where I run 5-6 days/week but for fun and without knowing my pace in between each training plan, just to get back to why I love it and get me excited for more serious pace training!

  2. yumm, I love avocado and grilled cheese. I’ve never put onions and garlic in them though but that sounds like a great idea. I have a half at the end of march, so I’m halfway through my training for that!

  3. Omg grilled cheese with avocado?! I can’t believe I never thought of that…I’m obsessed with avocados! I also love garlic in everything, too. Whenever a recipe calls for garlic I put in 3x the amount. I’ll have to start working toward my goal in the challenge tonight. I can’t wait develop my upper body strength.

  4. I’m on a loose plan for Boston. I am somewhere between 18/55 pfitzinger and 18/70. I have to listen to my body otherwise I can turn a plan into a great way to get injured.

    My cooking style? acid, salt, sweet, crunch, creamy. All in one dish 🙂 I LOVE garlic though. I would eat your dinners any day. I’m not fearful of garlic breath. haha.

  5. I’ve always said I hated avocados, but I was thinking about it the other day and decided that I have never tried one. That’s in my to do list now.

    No training plan for me lately. I probably should start one, though, because I have been lazy since being sick.

  6. Cooking style: full of veggies and super foods. I’ve had the worst luck with buying avocados lately – all completely brown when I get them home! I need a new trick for buying the right ones because I am craving them!

  7. Ahh, avocados, one of my favorite foods on the planet. A lady at my work has an avocado tree and the days when she’d bring in huge bags of them for everyone in the office were some of the best days…

  8. That grilled cheese… wow. I never thought of putting avocado on one, and I am mad about that. How did I go 31 years without having a grilled cheese-avocado sandwich?? Adding onions and garlic sounds awesome because I too LOVE LOTS of garlic on pretty much anything.

  9. We would make good food buddies. I pretty much use an entire head of garlic for every meal I cook. I can blow through the Costco bag before it goes bad. And onions too. Grilled cheese is amazing on it’s own, but you really stepped it up with the avocado and onions. Yum!!

    • Oooh, I’ll totally come over for dinner, that sounds awesome. I go through garlic and onions like nobody’s business, and all my other veggies sit around looking sad until Joe forces me to make them.

  10. …And now you’ve got me craving grilled cheese. Good thing, since we’re on our way to a food truck gathering and they have grilled cheese trucks there. You’re right- wayyy easier to eat healthy after a short run than a long one!

  11. It’ll sound weird… very weird.. I PROMISE!… I like to put a teaspoon of mayo on a half of avocado and I eat it just like that. For this exact reason, I think I’m abnormal lol!

    My cooking style? I’d say experimental and multicultural, love lots of veggies and seafood! *Oh and comfort food lol! gotta be honest here*


    • Oh can kittens eat those!? They’re poisonous to dogs and mine are desperate to try it whenever I eat one but I can’t let them 😦 Are there any races you’re thinking of doing for spring?

      • I’ve been looking at a few…have some conflicts as my brother is getting married and my boyfriend graduates law school so the weekends are busy. May have to postpone to fall.

        It wasn’t on the list of things cats shouldn’t eat…so far so good but he only gets a lick here and there. He’s quick!

    • Yay! You should make some! Scientifically proven to make you feel better 🙂 I wish I could blame my pullup insufficiency on long arms, sadly I have disproportionately long legs but no such luck with my arms. Just zero strength whatsoever.

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