A little swim

I just woke up to this:


Does it make anyone else happy to wake up and see the moon?  And the clear sky means an outdoor run!

Yesterday I had to hit the treadmill for 5 easy miles, so I figured I might as well drive a little further and go to the other gym which has…a pool!  That’s right, I swam.  I hate swimming, and I swam.  FAR (for me).  I did 1500, but broken up into 50s and 100s.  Swimming is so weird for me, while I’m doing it it feels so much harder than running but five seconds after I’m done, I don’t feel like I got a workout at all.  Even when I’m doing a recovery run and it feels super easy, I finish and feel awesome.  I’m not sure if it’s psychological or if it has something to do with working in water.


And being Friday, we decided it was pizza day.  I considered saving it for Sunday when I’m running longer but decided a swim is farther out of my comfort zone than a long run so I should eat it if I wanted to 😉


Terrible photo.  I took it in the dark and while the pizza was sitting on my lap 6 inches from my phone.  Oops.  I always start eating the pizza before I remember.  I don’t have the same problems with restraint with my healthier meals I guess. 


Today is a short and easy 4 miles in what looks like it’s going to be beautiful sunshine!  And Insanity plyo, which my legs are strangely craving.  My arms aren’t as sore as I thought they would be, I did 75 pushups yesterday and thought they would kill today but only a little around the shoulder.  I guess I should add another set when I do them tomorrow 🙂  I’m very much reevaluating my ability to get to 100 in a row but I’m going to leave it out there as my goal.  I may not get it but I’d rather strive for a big number and get as close as I can. 


Which exercises make you the most sore? Plyo for me, sore somewhere every time.  I love it.

When is your birthday? I’ve got birthdays on the brain!  My good friend had one yesterday, my sister-in-law in a couple days, and me in one week


31 thoughts on “A little swim

  1. A good plyo session will usually leave me sore too, I don’t think I’ve ever done an insanity video and not been at least a little sore afterwards. My birthday’s at the very end of march, it’s actually the day after my first half. A little present to myself 🙂

    • Do you do your lunges and squats weighted? I can never bring myself to do weighted ones, but there are a ton of both on my plyo routine, mostly jump squats and switch jump lunges though…ouch!

  2. 1. I feel the same when swimming- pushing myself when I go it, feels like I did nothing after!
    2. That pizza still looks good, no matter the lighting. I really gotta try this whole “onion rings on a pizza” thing.
    3. Great job on the 75 push ups!!! It’s weird, sometimes they make me sore and sometimes they don’t. I have not figured out any rhyme or reason to why that is yet, but maybe I will figure it out someday.
    4. Zumba and kettle bell swings- ALWAYS sore after those!!!!

  3. You’re such a rockstar! I HATE swimming and I’m terrible at it. I wish I loved it because it’s great cross training. Maybe some day. YAY!! I get so excited for other people’s birthdays!! Do you have plans yet?? Mine is in December ha.

  4. Nice job. UGH swimming…I’m so glad to be done with that section of my life LOL. That pizza looks amazing. As far as things that make me sore, definitely any sort of weight lifting. I’ve been terrible with doing it lately so I can’t really say I’m surprised.

  5. Pre run pizza is classified as carb loading. You should probably do it more often. I had a summer where I swam a lot and I loved it! It took a lot out of me, but I also saw quicker results and increases in my distances. It made me a better runner too.. something about training your lungs to intake the minimum amount of oxygen, I can’t remember exactly. The killer tan didn’t hurt either 🙂

  6. Once again your food made me hungry lol.
    Weighted lunges always make me sore and my favorite exercise would have to be box jumps, I love them. Cannot wait to be able to do them again!
    Birthday is in October…will be the big 2-9 😮

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