Let’s Talk Sweaty + Giveaway!

I told you guys I had a few things in store for you and in honor of my birthday in two days, we’re kicking things off!  I wanted to share some of my favorite products with my readers to share the love over my birthday (if I’m getting presents, so are you!) and first up is my favorite solution to my never-ending battle with my hair.

You guys have heard a little about the nonsense I put up with from my hair.  It’s crazy thick (as in there’s a ton of it) but also super fine.  So it loves to slip out of ponytails.  Put in a little messy bun like everyone else?  No can do, there’s too much and it’s so heavy that it weighs down and HURTS until it falls out a mile into the run.  So I stick with the ponytails but when it starts to slip, little pieces fly out and smack me in my sweaty face and stick there, annoying me for the remainder of my run.  I’ve actually experimented with a million styles of headbands, from those little prewrap ones I’m used to from soccer through several marketed at runners and athletes.  None of them stick to my slippery fine hair.  I don’t know why, my choices are either slipping off or attached to my head so hard it hurts.

I found Sweaty Bands last summer when I was particularly plagued by flyaways.  I was pretty skeptical actually, I had tried two competitor companies who had the same velvet backing and the bands slipped right off my head.  Actually, it happened during intervals on a treadmill once and an embarrassed looking dude handed me my sweaty headband while I was chugging away with hair all in my face.  I’m sure it was an attractive picture.  But I was enticed to at least try Sweaty Bands because I really liked a lot of their designs and I got one to match my race outfit for my next race.  These are mine:


I love my skull and crossbones one the most 🙂

Much to my surprise, it never slipped off.  I have never had a problem with these slipping off in any situation, and they even stay put when my hair is extra slippery after being styled.


Want proof that it’s not going anywhere?  I set out for a run the other day with my usual ponytail+headband combo.


By the end, the ponytail had as usual fallen completely out of place and was flyaway central.  The headband, was exactly where I left it.


The awesome people at Sweaty Bands know how much I love their headbands and have offered one of their awesome headbands up for my readers.


To enter, just click here, and be sure to leave a blog post comment!  And make sure you check out all the other fun Sweaty Bands designs, I think my next one is going to be the sparkly gold one 🙂


Giveaway will be open until midnight March 6!


Check out the Sweaty Bands page and tell me your favorite pattern.

Do you try to be matchy with your race day outfit? I usually match but only because I usually wear my college colors for races 🙂


23 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Sweaty + Giveaway!

  1. I am ridiculously matchy with my race day outfits…even down to my fingernails..lol. I love Sweaty bands and got my first one last Spring. I have 4 and I actually already have plans to hit up the Sweaty Band booth at the expo in Boston to add to my collection. That cross bones one is super bad ass!

  2. I love Sweaty Bands!! Only thing that works in my hair too. I try to match my race day outfits head to toe… But sometimes the south GA heat means wearing whatever is coolest regardless of how it looks together!

  3. ooh, a good headband is something I could really use with my bangs. I’ve been rocking the massive quantities of bobby pins look and it’s a bit of a mess.

  4. I love sweaty bands! I try to match my headband to my outfit whenever I race, but I only have a few color options. It would be great to have more 🙂

  5. Those headbands look great! I have that same problem where my headbands always slowly slip off the back of my head. I would love to get one!

  6. I try to be matchy, but by that I mean I try not to clash haha. Now my strategy is to wear a color that my boyfriend and/or family could see me in. Gah you just reminded me that I need to do a hair post! I can’t wear ponytails long either. I have to wear it at my neck or it gives me a headache. When I wear the bun on top of my head, there’s 2 hair clips and 2 rubber bands in there haha!

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  8. I keep seeing these but I’ve always been skeptical. My hair is out of hand and pretty much laughs at any headband attempts. But since you tested these out and reported back so diligently, I want to try them now 🙂 I really like the Boston Strong one, the Tranquility or the Fabulosity. There’s so many cool prints, but I’m boring like that.

  9. I love the argyle one! But, all the designs and prints are really cute.

    And it is very hard to find headbands that stay but don’t pull your hair out. I have thinner hair now than I use to so this is a big concern for me.

  10. I have the exact same problem with fly aways. They drive me crazy and I hate when they stick to my face midrun and I spend 99% of the rest of the run trying to pick one hair off the side of my face only to pinch myself repeatedly. So annoying.

    I love the skull and crossbones band. It’s too cute!

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