It’s Fact Friday time!

Yesterday’s run was 7 miles, which started out wonderfully but at mile 4 it started raining on me HARD so I booked it home.  I’m terrible at negative splits but I hit a massive negative split yesterday running my soggy butt home.  Home to do Insanity and NTC abs and then I spent a little too long last night watching PLL.  I blame Sarah 😉

It’s been a few weeks since my last one, so I’m going to give you guys another little look into my life with some random facts about me. Ok? Well, you have no say really, so ok 😉  Let’s do this thing. 

1.  Both of my dogs have at some point injured my eye.  Must be a family thing since you learned last time that I cut Joe’s eye so badly he needed serious stitches.  When Slider was like 8 months old, we were tugging on a rope toy and I stole it from him and taunted him.  He jumped at it, I moved, and giant dog collided with my eye.  I got a black eye from my puppy.  A few months ago, Stevie and I were playing with one of her squeaky toys and she has a very unique cat-like playing style and well, I got swatted when I pretended to get low and steal her toy.


This is after it closed up.  It was swollen and bloody and I couldn’t see out of it for two days. 


2. When I was little, I used to go to zoo camp.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  My dad works in DC and I drove in with him every day in the summers to go to the National Zoo and learn about the animals and spend all day at the zoo and do little projects and volunteer stuff.  I was really young, like 7 and 8 and I did it for 2 or 3 summers.  For an animal lover, it was pretty much the best thing ever.  And Dad and I got to go out for waffles or pancakes every day before camp because we had to leave home so early to drive into the city.  I think 90% of my memories are of hot chocolate and waffles and 10% of things like holding snakes and feeding monkeys. 


3. I’m allergic to apples.  Other fruits too, including peaches, pears, berries, etc.  Pretty much anything except tropical fruit and bananas.  But there’s a hierarchy, and berries only cause itching so I can eat a handful or two before I have to stop.  Peaches and pears and apples cause my throat to close up, and apples just one tiny bite will do it. 


4. I lived in the French Alps the summer after college graduation.  Annecy is the cutest town ever and I loved every second of it.  There was a gorgeous lake that we lounged at every day, great food, and the people were so wonderful.  The local bakery knew my order by my third morning there and my roommate and I were always getting recognized and greeted by people all over town.  There was even a restaurant that was so delicious that we went back a second time that week, and the owner instantly recognized us and gave us free aperitifs and set us up at the best outdoor table.  When the sun was in my eyes, he gave me his hat so we wouldn’t have to move indoors on such a pretty day.  I’ve always loved small towns and I’m so glad I chose to be in Annecy that summer rather than Paris or Nice (though we definitely took weekend trips to both!).


I wish I had had my DSLR when I lived there, all my pictures are from a crappy camera that died halfway through the trip.


5. If you don’t know this already about Buckeyes, we yell O-H a lot.  The response is always I-O.  There are hand motions too, and at current count over 13.5k pictures of us doing them on the OSU website. I’ve had people do it to me on the street in Vegas, at the top of Mont St Michel in France, and in airports A LOT.  And in my car, where people pull up next to me to yell at me and wave their arms around.  It’s just a Buckeye thing and I love it, it makes me happy whenever I’m traveling somewhere and hear it.  Well, Joe was competing in the collegiate triathlon championships put on by USA Triathlon years back and I went with him to Texas.  There was a team from Ohio State there and I had chatted briefly with two of the guys beforehand and wished them luck and then settled in to watch with some girlfriends of guys from LSU that I met that day.  I yelled O-H at one of the guys when he got out of the water, and the LSU girls were very entertained when he motioned back and heard about our little tradition so they got a big kick out of yelling it at all the Buckeyes as they went along the course.  Unfortunately, I should have done a better job explaining that it’s practically required that we respond, it’s wired in our systems.  We had positioned ourselves at the start of the bike which was UPHILL in all cruelty to encourage the athletes as they struggled.  We saw a Buckeye having trouble getting clipped in and yelled O-H, and he turned to see us and yelled I-O back, only to fall off his bike from the distraction because he wasn’t properly clipped in 😦  I felt terrible.  Dude, if you’re reading this, subtract two minutes from your time on my behalf.



Your turn, tell me something random about yourself! 

Does your school have any traditions that get you to yell or motion at strangers?


And if you haven’t entered the headband giveaway, you can do so here!


26 thoughts on “It’s Fact Friday time!

  1. Ouch, the dog scratch! It’s so sad because they would never mean it, but I’ve gotten good scratches from Sadie while we played too.
    Allergic to apples?! I would have such a hard time with that, but your throat closing over isn’t really worth it, eh?
    Beautiful French Alps town. (One of) My dream is to see parts of Europe some day!

    • Poor little girl was more upset about the scratch than I was! Followed me everywhere for a day just giving kisses and nuzzling up and making little whimper sounds. It’s funny, she’s been so careful ever since!

  2. wow, your dogs really beat you up 😉 That must be a pain to be allergic to most fruit. Random fact: I was a girl scout for 5 years, probably the laziest girl scout troop in all existence.

  3. I have a mystery allergy that causes a red splotchy rash all over- the rash usually resolves about 3-4 hours after it comes on- but we still haven’t quite figured it out yet. We suspect some form of wheat/gluten and think it is related to the amount I eat (for example, having one portion does not give me the rash. Having a beer and bread/pasta/baked goods seems to produce the rash more often- but not always).

    I went to UCONN. There are a lot of things we yell at each other… and since March Madness is coming up… well… we get a little nuts 🙂

  4. Zoo Camp sounds awesome, and what great memories w/ your Dad. Eek, your eye! Random fact about me: I used to get pink eye every morning and I am pretty sure it was from my cats because it would go away after 3 hours!

  5. OMG your eye! Those pups are lucky they’re cute. I want to go to zoo camp!!! Is there an age limit? God I wish I would have done that as a kid. You are so lucky your dad gave you that experience. Random fact: all during childhood, I wanted to be a vet. Then someone told me that I would have to put down animals that were really sick and that was it for me. I really regret letting that stop me and wish I would have gone through with it.

    • Aw, I love that fact! I wanted to be a vet too and stopped pursuing it or the same reasons. It was totally the right move for me though because I can’t even read about a dog in pain without crying.

  6. 1) OMG your poor eye!!! My dog has injured me a couple times when I was trying to get her leash on. She gets way too excited about going on walks/places…
    2) SOOOO jealous you got to work at a zoo. Except about the snakes part. Terrified of snakes.
    4) Again, sooooo jealous. I’m a francophile.
    5) Hahaha that poor guy!! I went to Cal- we only yell random stuff like, “Go Bears!” or during games, “Roll on you bears!”

  7. O-H! I have a lot of friends at OSU!
    haha zoo camp sounds awesome.
    fun fact: When I was little, I tried to make perfume out of smashed flowers and water (it smelled really gross)

  8. I attended zoo camp too! Then when I was older I became a counselor. It was so fun.

    I love Annecy. Do you speak fluent French? I have been planning some of our upcoming adventures in France, and am thinking I want to visit Chamonix, have you been?

    • That is awesome! I never met anyone else who went to zoo camp, did you do it at the San Diego Zoo?

      I wouldn’t call my French fluent but I do speak it and half my dissertation is in French 🙂 I’ve been all over the country so if you want to chat about possible adventures, let me know! Chamonix is beautiful 🙂

  9. Those picture are gorgeous! And yesss my only goal in life is to get as many people hooked on PLL as possible 😉

  10. Ouch! Lola and I have bonked heads before but that’s about it. I always tell her sorry for some weird reason, lol.

    Strangely enough I cannot eat apples either. They really really hurt my belly 😦 I wish I could though since they are so durable and smell super awesome.

  11. My previous dog knocked out half of my front tooth when she was little… Yah… I blame my brother though, because it was him who was shooting a toy gun and made her jump. I feel bad about your allergies… I am addicted to fruits, any kind!

    PS. Alps look gorgeous even through these pictures ❤


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