Does everyone do speedwork on Tuesdays?!

I feel like the whole world does speedwork on Tuesdays because every training plan ever calls for it on Tuesdays and then we get in that habit.  I used to do it on Sundays when I first started running because it was easy to use the high school track on weekends but impossible during the week.  So I did long runs on Wednesdays and speed work on Sundays.  It was crazy, I tell you 😉  Once I followed my first training plan (for a marathon I did about 9-10 months after I started running), all the track sessions were on Tuesday and I’ve never wavered from that since.  It’s kind of neat when I think about it that even though I don’t have any running buddies and do all my training solo, so many of the rest of you are doing intervals today and long runs on Sunday just the same.  Anyway, 400s today which are my “favorite” if you want to call any kind of track session a favorite.  16×400 and it looks like it may have to happen on the treadmill, but I secretly enjoy that for intervals because I can make sure my pacing is even and accurate.  Gotta find the bright side, right?  And it’s day 1 of my new training plan and I LOVE new training plans, I get extra excited to attack my workouts and try new things to get me faster.  I’m really feeling like I have PRs in me for my next few races so I’m crazy eager to train and stay consistent and make sure I get them.


Thank you to everyone for all the kind birthday wishes!  I loved reading all of them.  My birthday was pretty much like a 5 year old’s. just with some alcohol involved.  Here’s a little recap:

Played games.


Lost the last one, so insisted we switch to a new one.


Got myself a Yahtzee and still barely won.  This necessitated a switch to UNO.  I was better at that one.


Birthday nails.


A magical milkshake concoction of vodka, kahlua, and peanut butter ice cream.


Joe started with a beer+margarita combo.


They make the best jalapeno poppers.


I had my favorite pizza (what else would I choose for my birthday!?)


Joe had a delicious burger and I was a little jealous.  But not enough to trade some pizza for some burger.


He also had a bacon shake while I just refilled on my peanut butter goodness. 


I was absolutely stuffed.  But I had a ton of fun, I started the day with a run and a victory from my favorite soccer team (Go Liverpool!), and played games and ate delicious food the rest of the day.  It was exactly what I needed and the best birthday I could have had considering all my best friends live a 6 hour plane flight away right now! 


And a friendly reminder that the giveaway ends soon so make sure you’ve entered 🙂


Are you in the middle of a training program or starting one soon?  Do you love starting a new one?

Do you do speedwork on Tuesdays?!

When is your next big goal race?


46 thoughts on “Does everyone do speedwork on Tuesdays?!

    • I don’t know what’s in it since we were eating out but definitely caramelized bacon, maple syrup, ice cream, and whipped cream. My husband said he was really surprised how good the bacon tasted with the whipped cream haha.

  1. I’m so happy your birthday was awesome and it looks like there were loads of tasty treats too! Which I think are a ‘must’ for birthdays. 🙂 I ‘m not too sure about the bacon milkshake though, lol. My speed work (6×800) is scheduled for today, but I might push it until tomorrow to let my legs recover some more from the 1/2 marathon. I’m excited for you to start racing! You will totally PR!!!

  2. Nice work on the choice of birthday food and drinks! There’s a burger shop in Halifax that sells bacon milkshakes, I had a sip of it and it was pretty unique tasting.
    My next goal race is not until September, so that gives me ample time to get back in shape and train hard!
    Happy Birthday again, glad to hear and see that you enjoyed it:)

  3. my goodness, that looks like an epic birthday meal. I actually have an off day from exercise on tuesday’s. But I will say that 99% of the time I do my long runs on saturday or sunday.

  4. I do my faster running on Tuesdays, too! Not sure what I am doing today, since it is my 2nd run post- 2 weekish rest- but I only have 50 minutes before muscle to get it in. I want a minimum of 6-7 miles… maybe a mini-tempo?

    I love 400’s, too! They go by so fast.

  5. Love your nails – so epic! I do speedwork on Thursdays… When I do it. It’s not as frequent in my ultra training, but come marathon training time, it’s key!

  6. So funny! Yes I do speed work on Tuesdays (I always do sprints and then swim laps at my gym in the morning!).

    Your peanut butter kahlua shake sounds OUT of this world, and your birthday nails are super fun too!

      • haha I bet you’re way strong! I just love to really push it on Tuesdays, and the swimming is almost a cool down for me. I like to think it’s just recreational, but I really feel that all body workout afterwards!

    • That’s too close together for me! Do you just like long runs better on Sat so you can take Sundays off or does it just fit better into your schedule? I like taking Monday rest days so I do long runs Sundays, I think I’d be antsy sitting around Sunday if that was my rest day!

      • I like long runs on Saturday because Fridays are typically rest days. I found when my long runs were on Sunday, I would dread the run-not sure why haha. So now Sunday runs are more of a recovery run (slow and anywhere from 3-5 miles).

  7. I need one of those PB milkshakes! I’m not following a training plan right now, which is bad, but my “coach” (aka husband) will usually direct me on what to do on my runs so I’m not just out there running around.

  8. You are a girl after my own heart. A spiked milkshake was my first alcoholic drink EVER almost exactly a year ago on my 21st birthday. Plus pizza, you can do no wrong with pizza. I always did speed work on Tuesdays and Thursdays with races on Saturdays and long runs on Mondays but that’s just because I ran for my college and that was the plan. It does seem to be a pretty common thing though… probably because it gives ample rest before races on Saturdays!

  9. Haha, that’s very true speed work is always on Tuesdays! I change mine up based on my schedule. I also used to have a program that involved 2 long runs a week (Wed/Sat) so sometimes speed got pushed to MOnday for more rest!

    • Oh wow, why 2 long runs? I usually do a medium-long midweek and a long on Sundays but I’ve never heard of anyone outside of ultras doing 2 long! Was it with your college team?

      • Yeah, it was at NC State. Not super long runs but at my highest mileage we were at 10-11 on Wednesdays and 12ish on Saturdays—a lot for me coming from a high school team that ran 25 miles a week !!

  10. Tuesday is my speedwork day too! My next goal race is the Bayshore marathon in May, so I’m in the middle of my training plan (though it’s been a rough going so far). And I would have picked the PB milkshake over the bacon one too!

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