A Change of Scenery


Yesterday we had a wonderful day around campus.  I had a fantastic coffee and chat with a friend then Joe and I hit up a museum.


Complete with super old telescopes.


And had lunch with the place all to ourselves.


And maybe a beer made an appearance 😉


After my run today I’ve got big plans…finding fall races!


Favorite alcoholic drink (if you drink)?

What’s your favorite race you’ve run?


47 thoughts on “A Change of Scenery

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t pass your defense and have to now deal with a reality that is much different from what you expected.
    You seem to be a very positive person, and I know you’ll be able to focus on the positives of the program you did, and move forward.
    Enough drama: frozen strawberry daiquiri for a cocktail, or dark beer (Leffe particularly).

  2. I would give you a hug if I could. ((hugs)) At the same time, this is probably happening for a reason. That’s how I usually justify things when they don’t seem to be going the way I had planned.

    New subject: I can’t wait to hear what Fall races you’ll do! I’m not a huge drinker at all, but I am planning on a burger and beer post marathon in April 😀

  3. that’s so frustrating what happened with your Phd program, I hope you are able to find an even better way to move forward with it. You seem like an extremely hard working person so I doubt anything could stop you from getting something your really want 🙂

  4. So sorry to hear that:( Sending a virtual hug to you! I agree with Heather, usually there’s a reason for everything (I know it is probably not what you want to hear) but it usually helps me through things when they don’t go my way.

    I signed up for a pirate themed race in September, and as you know, I am dying to get into NYC this year! Looking forward to hearing about the new ones you sign up for!

  5. I’m sorry for the PhD curveball; that must have been hard news to swallow after how much work you’ve put into it. You have a fantastic way of looking at the positives! And races are a great way to move on and get excited about something!

  6. I’m sorry you received such horrible news. I know you must be devastated (all of your hard work!) and I love your attitude at recouping, finding new races, and moving on 🙂

  7. I’m sorry to hear that bad while I’m not there yet in my phd, I will be next year and it scares me to death! Glad you are looking at the upside and hooray for races to focus on!

    • I’m sure you’ll be fine, my program is infinitely more subjective than most. Even within my field, the way my school runs the process is SO different. You’ll do great!

  8. Aww I’m so sorry to hear this love!! You are taking it very well, and although it was hard to share, I bet it felt great to get off your chest. I KNOW whatever you choose to do next, you will succeed at. Best of luck!! Sending hugs!

  9. I don’t drink alcohol but I love Diet Coke and trying to learn to love herbal tea. I really don’t think I have a favorite race. I haven’t done a ton and each one has a special meaning to me.

    • I love experimenting with beer so much that I don’t know if I even have a go-to favorite. Every time I go out I try to get something I’ve never had! Both of yours are yummy though 🙂

  10. Em, love your attitude. You are much classier and rational than I would be in your position. I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but I really believe things happen exactly how they’re supposed to. It’s so cliche, but I’ve had so many hiccups in life that have actually turned out for the best. Signing up for races is a great way to get excited about your return home. My favorite race was also my hardest half marathon. At mile 6, the elevation shot up 450 feet as we ran up a trail that most people have a hard time hiking. Then at mile 12 there was another killer incline. It was SO hard but amazingly rewarding. I hate the race shirt, but I wear it all the time as my medal of badassness 🙂

  11. I’m sorry to hear your bad news, I can empathize with that feeling of not passing something you worked so hard on. This drink sounds crazy but I love red wine and coke, yes mixed together! My mother-in-law had me try it and it really is delicious! My favorite race was actually a triathlon (half Ironman) the crowd and atmosphere was amazing and all my hard work came together!

  12. I’m really sorry to hear about your defense, but just know that I completely agree that the field of English is completely subjective. It is a beautiful, insightful field, but it is also easy to feel insecure and overwhelmed. Take heart that your research is definitely worthy–you are contributing to the “bigger picture”– and you should keep pursuing what you love, no matter what that looks like. I have mentioned this once before, but I’m working on my Masters in Literature so I can imagine a little how you feel 🙂

    Favorite race was the Oklahoma City Memorial 1/2 marathon! So great!!

    • Thank you so much, Katy. I just need to find a home for my research where it will be appreciated, hopefully I will find that place soon! So nice to have encouragement from someone in the field 🙂

  13. So sorry to hear you didn’t pass your defense.

    My favorite drink is white wine (boring I know).
    My favorite race was The Race to Remember 10 year anniversery of 9/11. It meant a lot to me to do something physical to remember.

  14. That sucks! But you were talented enough to get into a competitive program and impressed people in YOUR field so you can definitely bounce back from this.

    I’m signed up for Hood to Coast in August and I am so looking forward to it. Plus Oregon beers and wines.

    For me, Moscow mules in summer and White Russians in winter.

  15. I am so sorry you’re going through this. Thank you for sharing it with us, I am sure it was hard. I am excited to find out what is NEXT for you. I’m sure it’s a lot of unknown right now, but I know you will figure it out. And until then, there is running and races. 🙂 My fav alcoholic drink right now is scotch!

    • Oh man, I have no idea how you drink scotch! I’ve never been someone who can sip on straight liquor and especially not scotch. The samples at the scotch factory in Scotland were enough to put me off forever (though I’m not sure that’s their goal haha) 😉

  16. Sorry to hear about this. It sounds super frustrating. I hope it all works out how it should in the end.
    Yay for road trips and races though!
    My favourite drink is a spicy Caesar. They used to gross me out but now I crave them all. the. time. My second favourite drink would have to be a lava flow! (A pina colada with strawberry puree!)

  17. I’ve been kind of MIA on the Internet lately but I just wanted to say I am so so so sorry that you got bad news 😦 Lots of virtual hugs. But you are wicked smart and know that you will come through this stronger.

  18. It sounds like your thesis is a challenging one and you should definitely reward yourself for your hard work and the time that went into it! You seem to have good perspective and that is inspiring! Good luck finding fun races. My favorite is the Chicago marathon. I need to do some race searching myself!

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