Places and Races and Winners, Oh my!

First order of business…we have a SweatyBands winner! 


I sent you an email Brianna 🙂 


Thank you to all of you for the comments yesterday.  It was hard to share that and everyone was just so supportive.  I spent most of yesterday trying to cheer myself up.  Joe got the ball rolling and proved a) he’s an awesome husband and b) he knows me really really well.


Yep, he got me more macarons.  They fix a lot of ills, I tell you.  They were delicious.  This was breakfast and dessert lunch (aka what came after my grilled cheese) and bedtime snack but even though it took all day, I did finish them. 


And I posted a couple months ago about how tacos cure stress.  I decided to take my own advice for dinner.


It worked for a while. 

I took no pictures from my gym workout but I ran 5 miles and still was feeling frustrated so hit the bike for another 45 minutes.  I then did an awful lot of procrastinating looking at race websites for a few hours and taking silly online quizzes.


I liked the description of me 😉  Also, I weirdly always kind of thought he might be my presidential twin.  That’s probably an odd thought.  And it’s not like I know anything about Millard Fillmore to know if he’s more like me, it’s just a strange thought I’ve had in the past. 


And I bet you’re wondering if all the race website stalking did any good?  It did indeed.  I’m still tossing around ideas for big September and November races and local 5ks or 10ks I might want to race as tuneups as well, but I did officially sign up for the Columbus Marathon.  I love that race and I’m super excited to go back.  The hardest part will be not eating at all my favorite places until after the race. 

And today is Tempo Thursday but also weirdly short on my plan so 5 miles with 3 at tempo and I’ll probably follow it with a short bike again or Insanity.



What do you consider your hometown race?  Have you ever run it? The closest races to where I live are probably in DC but I’ve never lived there and I haven’t gone more than a handful of times since I was about 16.  I lived in Columbus in college and going back there always feels like a second home, so unless I go insane and decide to run the backwoods 50 miler that IS near my actual home I was raised in, the Columbus Marathon is my home race 🙂

Who is your presidential spirit animal? (if you’ve taken the actual quiz, go ahead and give your result. if not, guess!)


33 thoughts on “Places and Races and Winners, Oh my!

  1. yay, racing plans are so exciting! I’d like to think I’m an Abe Lincoln, but then again wouldn’t we all 😉

  2. I think my twin would be Truman, but that’s just because he’s my favorite president. I think it might be uber-nerdy to have a favorite president now that I say that out loud…

  3. I’m so excited to get the SweatyBand!! That made my day! I took the quiz and got Obama which I didn’t expect, but I do like the description it gave. 🙂 I don’t have any sort of hometown race other than 5ks and 10ks That’s what I get for living in a small city!

  4. YAY for macarons for cheering you up. They really are the best medicine. Unless you have diabetes. SOOOO excited that you signed up for a race!! It’s always fun to race in your city! I love doing local races by me- they usually race money for schools and it’s fun to see all the families running/walking together.

  5. Congratulations on signing up for a marathon!! My hometown race is the Santa Barbara International Marathon, and I WILL run it one day; last year I ran the half.

    • It still counts if you run the half! There’s something so great about running in a familiar place but getting to do it with so many people and in the middle of the roads 🙂

  6. That Thomas Jefferson description is so you and so apropos for your situation! I don’t think I ever had a macaroon. I must remedy that. I have run the Harrisburg Marathon twice. It’s a great race to PR in because of the course and also because I live 15 minutes from the start line. I know what to expect and what to do to get around etc, so it’s easy peasy! But since I have run it twice, I don’t think I will ever run it again for “fun”… only to PR! There are many other races I’d rather travel to and run for fun. Harrisburg Marathon for me is “business”.

    • Living 15 minutes from a start line would be heaven! I know what you mean though, I always try to pick new races so I can experience new things and was tempted to do that again this fall but I haven’t even been home in 2 years so I figure everything will feel new again anyway 😉

  7. Haha I have never quite thought about my presidential spirit animal. Congrats on registering for the race! Columbus is on my marathon bucket list! My hometown race is the Pig. I’ve done the full once and the half once.

  8. We do have a 5-mile race in my town which is actually considered one of the most difficult races in Worcester County. But I’d have to say that the Boston Marathon would be my “big” hometown race since I live in Mass. I will run it SOME DAY!

  9. I’ve never had a macaroon but I feel like I would like them — the pastel ones look sooo good. I got Thomas Jefferson too! Not sure that I ever grew up though 😉

    • We got so lucky that there is a delicious French bakery here. Now that we are moving in a couple months I’m going to want to eat macarons and my favorite pizza every day!

  10. Joe = husband of the year. He should fix all things with Macaron’s 🙂 And if tacos cure stress, get your butt to San Diego. We’re up to our eyeballs in good, authentic tacos!! And it’s always sunny. There’s no stress here. It’s not allowed within city limits.

  11. My hometown race is Shamrock in Virginia Beach. I’ve run the full, the half, and the 8k, and i’ll be running the half again next sunday! I can bike to the start line (~2 miles) so it’s pretty excellent and convenient. If you move back to VA, you should definitely come run it!

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